(May 9,1943 Transfer of Santo Tomas (internees) to Los Banos according to the Japanese Commandant,
who orders immidiate preperation made for moving. - February 23, 1945)

Shortly after 7 A.M. on February 23, 1945 -- 2,147 persons were liberated from this camp.

Here are just a few of the people interned at Los Banos:

Airriess Family
Carlson Family
Robert Coleman Allen
Bateman Family
Harold Raymond Bayley
Herman Knight Beaber
Frank Emil Becker
Joseph Bittner
Blechynden Family
Bousman Family
Brambles Family
Brooks Family
Horace Brooks
Katherine Ellis Brown
Frank Woodruff Buckles
Burnham Family
Canson and Chickese Families
Corwin Chapman
Thomas Copello
Croft Family
Curran Family
DeVries Family
Clyde Alton DeWitt
William H. Donald
Bertha Rae Evans
Falkner Family
Fonger Family
Fox Family
James Roy Fox
Henry Emil Gallit
Elwood Llewellin Garrett
Hackett Family
Lewis and Charlotte Haven
another Hess Family
Arthur John and Eleanora Hodges
D'Arcy Swain Hunt
Innis Family
John Family
Kramer Family
Ansie Lee
Saul Lubarsky
Carl Axel Lundquist
Clarrisa Mackie
Elmer Madsen
MaGee Family
Mangels Family
William Mitchell
Montesa Family
Mora Family
Frank Oliver Mortlock
William Elmer Murray, Jr.
Dana Wilson Nance
Nash Family
Nathanson Family
Elbert Monroe "Al" Overton
Hoyle William Owens
Walter Bruce Patey
Harold Ray Penny
Grace Rand
Rose Family
George Silvio Routhier
Sams Family
Frederick Malone Satterfield
Scaff Family
Schade Family
Schuster Family
Elizabeth "Georgi" Scott
William Robert Shaffer
Joseph Moses Shurdut
Smith Family (American)
John Alwynne George L. Smith (British)
Dr. James Walter Strong
David Lenox Stuart
Raymond George Sudhoff
Joe Terry
Thomas Family
Tonkin Family
Martha Bowler Trogstad
Albert Edward Waterstradt
Watt Family
Werff Family
Wheeler Family
Hugh Hoskin Williams
Wills Family
Edward J. Wilson
Whitaker Family
Wienke Family

Here's a good book by one of the Los Banos liberators, Lt. Gen. E.M. Flanagan, Jr. USA (Ret.)

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