(This is just a few of the hundreds of camps the Japanese maintained.)

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Life was very different before the Japanese made such a mess of things. Click here to see and read about that time, long ago...

Life was equally different after the Japanese were run off. Click here to see and read about this terrible aftershock...

BUT, life goes on....
Many reunions of POW's and Internees have occurred over the years:
Reunion 2008 in Fremont, California

Even today there are people who want to help in any way they can.
Here is one of those stories, In Chase of a Cause by my good friend, William R. Chase, D.D.S., and here is his e-mail address: Bill Chase, frndshp97@aol.com

Click here as your help is needed.


Airport Studio near Divisoria

Baguio Internment Camp

Bataan Death March

Bilibid Military Prison Camp

Cabanatuan Military Prison Camp

Davao Penal Colony in Mindanao

Fort Santiago

The Gripsholm

Hospicio De San Jose

Los Banos Internment Camp

Camp O'Donnell

Mary Bachrach building just behind Manila Hotel

Santo Tomas Internment Camp

"The Underground"

POW/Internees at Unknown Camps


Rangoon Prison Camp


Ashio (POW Camp 8-D) in Japan

Fukuoka #3





Shantung Compound

Stanley Camp/Camp Stanley

Weihsien Camp

Chapei Civilian Assembly Center

Bridgehouse Jail in Shanghai

(North of Shanghai) Kiangwan POW Camp

Click here for a list of books about POW/Internment Camps and guerrilla activities in Asia during WWII

Check out the http://home.pacbell.net/fbaldie/Battling_Bastards_of_Bataan.html.
This page is dedicated to the brave warriors who served in the battle fields of Bataan, Philippines, during World War II.

During WWII the United States interned many Japanese-Americans in ten different camps in the United States. It truly was a different time. Click here for a list of those camps.

If you would like to share any information about Internment/POW Camps of WWII
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