(This picture is taken from the following book.)

Grace C. Nash wrote the following book in 1984.
The book is about Grace, her husband Ralph and their three sons, Stan, Gale and Roy.
(Ralph was born in 1900 and died in 1988)

Grace mentions the following people in her book:
Jean Aaron
Frank Ale
Harold Bayley
Helen Blackledge
The Bousman Family (Missionary Family)
Mrs. Breson (British Nurse)
Earl Carroll (see book Earl Carroll: Colossus of Philippine Insurance)
Bill Chittick
Elsie Cotterman
Louis Croft and the Croft Family
Uncle Jim Cullens
Bruce and Al Cutting
Mr. Duggleby
Les and Jeanette Fennel
Dr. Fletcher (Santo Tomas camp doctor)
Mr. Foley (Minister)
The Fonger Family (Burt - died in Santo Tomas)
George Gray (chairman, since Mr. Fonger resigned)
Mr. Grinnell (Head of Santo Tomas Camp Committee)
Mr. Holland (Internee representative to the Santo Tomas Commandant's office)
Mrs. Kennedy and three children
Mrs. Kephart
George Lewis (shot and killed by Japs in Los Banos, February 1945)
Cort Linder (Former pianist with Horace Heidt's Orchestra at the Drake Hotel in Chicago.)
(Also played recordings each evening over the loudspeaker at Santo Tomas.)
Phyllis Lynch (Australian)
Mrs. McCoy
Pete Miles (escaped to the guerillas then Americans)
Dr. Nance
Bill and Rosemary Parquette
Tom Poole (Head of the Santo Tomas electrical department)
Mr. Ross
Pat Ryen
Jean Salet
Mr. Stahl
Melvin and Helen Toyne and The Toynes Family
Bill and Josie Waldo
Hugh Hosking "Skipper" Williams (died in Los Banos)
Chuck Woodin (had radio hidden in his mattress)

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