George Edward Rose - father
Ada Phyllis Rose - mother
Dorothy "Dottie" Mildred Rose - daughter (now Dottie Stone) (1928-2017)
Dottie passed away December 9, 2017.
Winniferd Patricia Rose - daughter
Joyce Agnes Rose - daughter
Elizabeth Ann Rose - daughter
George Edward Rose, Jr. - son
Gloria Margaret Rose - daughter

January 10, 2008
Unlesss identified otherwise all of the photos on this page have come from Dottie Rose Stone.

Left pillar Winnifred Rose leaning on pillar.
Right pillar Dorothy touching pillar is between ??? McDonald and Bella Muir.
Front row standing children from right to left 4 & 5 are twins George and Elizabeth, Dr. Feda Mundo.

Their are blurred, but closer views of:
Winnifred Rose

Dorothy Rose

George and Elizabeth Rose

Dr. Feda Mundo

Dorothy Rose, Georgia Barnes, Carmen Bush

Sal and Dottie Stone
Christmas - 1994

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