George Edward Rose - father
Ada Phyllis Rose - mother
Dorothy "Dottie" Mildred Rose - daughter (now Dottie Stone)
Dottie passed away December 9, 2017.
Winniferd Patricia Rose - daughter
Joyce Agnes Rose - daughter
Elizabeth Ann Rose - daughter
George Edward Rose, Jr. - son
Gloria Margaret Rose - daughter

January 10, 2008
Unlesss identified otherwise all of the photos on this page have come from Dottie Rose Stone:

Left pillar Winnifred Rose leaning on pillar.
Right pillar Dorothy touching pillar is between ??? McDonald and Bella Muir.
Front row standing children from right to left 4 & 5 are twins George and Elizabeth, Dr. Feda Mundo.

Their are blurred, but closer views of:
Winnifred Rose

Dorothy Rose

George and Elizabeth Rose

Dr. Feda Mundo

Dorothy Rose, Georgia Barnes, Carmen Bush

Sal and Dottie Stone
Christmas - 1994

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