From the book, "Santo Tomas" by Frederic Stevens:

Liberated from Santo Tomas:
Concepcion Maria Burnham
Constance Emma Burnham
Florence Pratt Burnham
Harriet Nanette Burnham (daughter)
Robert Vincent Burnham (son)
Virginia Kelly Burnham (daughter)

Liberated from Los Banos:
Edward Frank Burnham

November 29, 2009

Good Evening,

My Mom and members of her family were Prisoners of War in the Philippines. They were in the Santo Thomas Prison Camp. Their story is they were residents of the Philippines. Their Mom was from Spain and their Father was American. Originally my Mom, Harriett Burnham Smith, her sisters Conchita (Connie) Burnham Camps, Virginia (Ginny) Burnham Brandstrom , and brothers Robert (Bobby) Burnham and Marshal Burnham became prisoners of war.

My Mom recollects when Manila was left without protection, the Japanese arrived and her family fled to the mountains of Manila.

After some time, word came out that the Japanese requested everyone come to Santo Thomas University to “Register”. My Grandmother, Maria Concepcion Vega Burnham (Lola) sent two of her sons, Bobby and Marshal, to go “Register”. When her sons did not return, she sent a “house boy” (obviously a native of the Philippines) to investigate. He found my Uncle Bobby and was told to have the family come to the camp because they felt they would be safer. At that time, my Mom (Harriett) and her sister Connie began living in the camp. Their Mother, Lola, Spanish by nationality was allowed to remain free in the Philippines along with their youngest sister, Virginia.

There is so much more to their story. However, I did notice this was an opportunity to register my Mothers family as being recognized as a POWs.

Respectfully submitted,

Nanette Smith Paghi
Daughter of POW Harriett Burnham Smith

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