Carl Ludwig Wienke
Carmen Aurora Wienke
Edward Peter Wienke
Elizabeth Carmen Wienke
Frederick Johan Wienke
Mercie Christina Wienke (now Forsyth)
Theresa Victoria Wienke
Violet Alma Wienke

August 17, 2005

My grandmother and her 7 children were interned at first Santo Tomas and then later at Los Banos. Their last name was Wienke, there are only four of the children left alive.

My father was in the 11th Airborne and was one of the camp rescuers. We were never told anything about my mother's experiences and finally my sister and I went to the Philippines and went through the areas where our mother and relatives were held.

We have read some of the books and gone to a couple of the POW conventions, but the movie "The Great Raid" reminded me of this all over again, especially since a friend's grandfather passed away a couple of years ago and he was a Death March survivor.

I wish there were more quality movies on this to validate what happened, for my grandchildren. I am afraid all this information will disappear and they will be told a different side of history. Thanks for listening,

Donna Langford Curto

November 18, 2005

My grandmother, Mercie Wienke-Forsyth was in Los Banos.

Kristin Wick
Providence,d RI

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