July 20, 2008

I just wanted to add my grandfather's name to your list.. I may have missed it. His name was Frederick Malone Satterfield. He was a banker affiliated with the New York City Bank in Manilla.He was able to get his daughter (my mother) and his wife to the US prior to the invasion. He would not ever discuss the events of his captivity. It was only upon his death that we found a lot of the items he had saved. A vest that was woven from scraps of material, some pencil drawings that were of him done by a detainee and letters that looked like "player piano music" that he was given that had been censored.

I was very interested in watching Ken Burns documentary, "The War' which showed so much footage of Santo Tomas. It was very eerie and surreal, thinking I might actually see my grandfather. I regret that as a young child I was not more aware of what he suffered and was more interested in finding out more while he was still alive. He was a very proud person and only traveled back to the Phillipines once after his internment and never to Manila.

Thank you for your informative page.

Liz Hullander
Knoxville, TN

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