Roger Merton Schade - father (1892 - 1953)
Erna Robison Schade - mother (1895 - 1989)
Roger D. Schade - son (1924)

October 9, 2006

Tom -

In looking over the promo links to the new Gopal release I found the question "Do you remember Hattie and Joe?" The Hattie & Joe I knew are listed on the records as Harriet E. and Joseph M. Flanagan. They were very close friends of my mother and father. After camp they settled in Denver, as did my family. I know a little bit about a few of the other individuals and families listed ... just enough to be dangerous.

I (Roger D. just turned 18), was shipped to Los Banos with the original "800 men" on 5/14/43... and returned to his parents in Santo Tomas eighteen months later (October, 1944).

Hope this helps.

Roger D. Schade

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