From the book, "Santo Tomas" by Frederic Stevens:

Henry Ahrends Mangels (father)
Franz Mangels (1923 - 1991)
John F. Mangels
Margaretta Hermine Mangels (daughter)
Nieves Mangels (daughter)
Nieves Chofra Mangels

February 17, 2010


Please add the Mangels Family:

· Johan Friedrich Mangels
· Nieves Mangels
· Bess (Nieves) Mangels
· Henry Mangels (my father)
· Margarete Mangels
· Franz Mangels

They were interned at Santo Tomas and later Los Banos. My father was a member of the internal camp police and recovered the flag from the Los Banos camp by shimmying up the flagpole when the Americans and Filipinos liberated Los Banos. Both Bess and Margarete met their husbands in camp who are also not listed, John Smith, British citizen known to all as “Smitty” and Howard Curran, American respectively.

The only member of the family not to be interned was John Mangels Jr. who was serving as an officer in the US Navy by virtue of the fact he was attending Ohio State University in the NROTC at the outbreak of the war.

Thank you so much.

Hank Mangels

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