Howard "Tommy" Thomas (1914-1981)
Antonia Benito Thomas (1919-1999)
Florence Ada Thomas
Dollie Mae Thomas

February 3, 2006

My family, Howard Thomas, Antonia Benito Thomas, Florence Ada Thomas, and Dollie Mae Thomas were in Santo Tomas and Los Banos. Does anyone have any memories of them? I am hungry for any information so I can create a birth family history to leave for future generations. Both of my parents are now deceased, but it would be nice to know if anyone remembers the Thomas family. Just to let you know, my father went by the nickname of (Tommy).

Mary Vansant

Here's more from Mary...
February 8, 2006

Hi Tom,

I apologize for answering so late. I am trying to find some pictures of my parents that I can send to you for scanning. Also, I don't recall if I told you this or not, but in your aunt's website, there is a short video (12 seconds) about the "blond bomb". Just to let you know, after the opening scene (men near some barrels, I believe) there is a clip of a man with a chain around his neck, and he is holding a little girl. That man was my father, Howard Wilton Thomas. The little girl he is holding is my sister, Dollie Mae Thomas. The young woman walking directly behind my father was my mother, Antonia Benito Thomas. It appears from the clip that she is talking to someone as she is looking down and her lips are moving. More than likely, that is my sister, Florence Ada Thomas. Watching that short video clip is so amazing for me because I am actually seeing a piece of my family history. By the way, it is the only time I have ever seen my mother with long hair!!! What a treat this is to see. I look forward to showing my daughters that clip. I know for sure that they will be interested in seeing it. They never met my father because he died shortly before our oldest daughter was born. However, they knew my mother because she frequently came over to our house to visit.

I will continue to look for some pictures of my mother and father, and I will send them to you for scanning as soon as I find some. Thanks for everything you do!

Mary Vansant

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