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Effie Margaret Watt was born to Charles "Charlie" and Olive Watt in Singapore on July 13, 1922. Effie's father was a very succesful businessman of tobaco products - The Watt Tobaco Company - a Scotsman. The Watt's were British.

La Minerva Tobacco Factory, near Santo Tomas
Unfortunately Charles died on a Manila golf course of a heart attack in 1923/24. Effie's mother was a Malaysian. Effie had three brothers who were in school in England when WW II broke out. She also had one sister.

Manila - 1926
This was the tenth birthday party for Effie's sister,
who is sitting in the front row in the middle holding the Gray's baby.
Effie is the first girl seated on the right.
Here's a close-up of Effie's face.

Manila - 1926
Effie loved to dance

Manila - 193?
In front of the tobacco factory

Manila about 1935
Olive and Effie Watt
with Lolipop and Joe

Effie belonged to "The Girls Friendly Society", a social group of the Episcopal Church. Effie went to a secreterial school when she was 17. Shortly before war broke out, she got a job working at H.E. Heacock.

Effie Margaret Watt and her mother Olive Charlotte Watt were interned at Santo Tomas and later in Los Banos. They were British subjects.

Effie thought that Georgi Scott was the most beautiful person she had ever seen.

During the last days in Los Banos, Effie said that on a daily basis, about all she had to eat was a can about the size of a tuna can with watered downed, unhusked rice, which was very hard, if not impossible to digest.

Muntinlupa - 1945
Albert Falkner in the background
Effie Watt and Harry ???

Manila - 1945
After Liberation
Unknown, Unknown G.I., Effie Watt and Unknown G.I.

After liberation, Effie and her mother returned to San Francisco on the same ship with Catherine Cotterman. They heard lots of new music and learned some new dance steps.

Effie and a G.I. on the return ship

"Ex-internees with some GIs on ship on way to S.F. after Manila was liberated"
Effie is in the front row on the very left
Catherine Cotterman is 5th from the left in 2nd row
On Catherine's right is June Darras
Lydia Vaughan in two piece sun-suit-middle row, second from the left

Same ship - out in the Pacific Ocean
Effie on the very left in the front row
Catherine Cotterman is 4th from the left in the 2nd row
June Darras in middle of front row

From San Francisco Effie and Olive took the train to Philidelphia. Because of a paperwork mix-up Effie needed help from the imigration folks, and got it! Amazing!! Then they headed to London.

London - 1945/6
Effie and her beloved brother Norman,
taking in London looking for a flat.

Effie Watt

Guadacanal - 1944
Harry Fowler

New Zeeland - January 1976
Margaret's family and Margaret's sister,???, on the right in the light blue dress.

Margaret at home today - 2006

February 10, 2006
Margaret and Tom Moore
We had a great afternoon visiting.

If you click on the following highlighted words you will get the story straight from Effie's own mouth:
(These are big files so be patient.)
Part One (3.27 minutes)
Part Two (1.15 minutes)
Part Three(6.03 minutes)
Part Four(6.22 minutes)

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