February 22, 2006

Mr. Moore,

ref: my dad, Joseph e terry sr. ST internee PI.

Another message please. My dad was very close to Mr and Mrs Sams. Glad to hear that they are ok, please tell them that my dad's last year was pretty good. His wife my mom, Lily, died in 2001 and dad died 13 mos laster 10/1/2002. The thing I would like to pass on to his friends and the Sams' is that dad and my mom before that were absolutely wonderfully cared for by Phillipina ladies. They were just great. Mom had a severe stroke 12/2000 and was barely able to breath. She was taken home after being in Kaiser convelescent home contract expired in 90 days. Since mom and dad did NOT have medicare they were stuck with paying for home nurses. We had hired one from a local Riverside County, CA agency and she was absolutely worthless -- just a kid out of high school. But I was able to find some wonderful PI ladies. All I did was call a big convelescent hospital in LA co. and talked to some nurses there. These nurses recommended friends who were here on long tern tourist visas.....these people were all married and could work up to 6 mos here. not legally but it was good money for them. In the PI they would make $200/mo, here they made 10 times that. Anyway the girls helped my mom while she lay on her bed in her Corona Home. She passed away on 8/13/2001 with dignity. My dad was very frail at the time and we found a nice lady to care for him. it was a great thing for my dad to have a lovely, cute and sweet young lady care for my dad. dad had cancer and it had been attacking him since '85. He succumbed to the incidious disease on 10/1/2002 in the privacy of his beloved Corona home with my sister, myself and his lovely grandson Joey (RIP) holding his hand.

My dad Joe Terry Sr from Terryville, NY was a wonderful father, friend and Navy engineer. He had many friends and spoke so respectfully of his friends and time spent at ST and Los Banos, PI. It was a pleasure and honor to have a father like Joe and a mother like Lily. Joe had one son, me and two daughters, Shelley and Jill. Joe lost his grandson Joey III last year. His granddaughter Lily is a senior college student at Long Beach State U.

Thanks for letting me write this little biography....


Joe Terry Jr
quality assurance federal gov't, retired this month after 30 year career.
Joe Terry Jr

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