Lots of confusion between these two Anderson's and their crash dates!
1930, shortly after takeoff from Hankow (no fatalities)
Plane ???
Pilot E.M. Allison
Co-Pilot Paul F. Baer
December 9, 1930, Lunghwa, China (Four fatalities - pilot, co-pilot and two passengers.)
Plane Loening
Pilot Paul F. Baer
Co-Pilot-student K.F. Pan
August 11, 1931 (No fatalities)
Plane Loening
Pilot Cecil G. Sellers
Co-Pilot ???
November 20, 1931, Chingshan Mountain Range, ten miles south of Tsinan, China (Three fatalities.)
Plane Stinson
Pilots Liang Pi-ang and Liang Kuan-yi
November 24, 1933, Hangchow Bay, China (No fatalities.)
Plane Sikorsky S-38 #NC 16V
Pilot William Ehmer
Co-Pilot George Rummel
Spring 1934, Chungking, China (No fatalities.)
Plane Stinson #??
Pilot Hewitt Mitchell
April 10, 1934 - Ningpo Bay (Three crew and one passenger died, total of four fatalities.)
Plane Sikorsky S-38 #NC 17 V
Pilot Robert Gast
Pilot James Frink
Radio Operator Ivan Carlson
March 5, 1936, Tengya, Yunnan Province, China (No fatalities.)
Plane Ford Tri-motor "Kunming" #27
Pilot Byron O'Hara
Co-Pilot P.H. Thom
Radio Operator N.A. Chen
March 15, 1936, Nanking, China (No fatalities.)
Plane Ford Tri-Motor
Pilot Charles Sharp
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
December 28, 1936, somewhere on a sandbar (No fatalities)
Plane DC-2, #2?
Pilot Hiram Broiles
Co-Pilot ???
August 8, 1937, crashed in the sea at Chilang Point (Three fatalities, co-pilot, radio operator and steward)
Plane S-43 "Chekiang"
Pilot Edward Smith
Co-Pilot George Ohrnberger
Radio Operator (Chinese)Sui???
Steward (Chinese)
July 1, 1937
Plane #07
Pilot Pottschmidt
August 24, 1938, Pearl River, Hong Kong to Chungking, China (Fourteen fatalities - the co-pilot and thirteen passengers.)
Plane DC-2 #32, Kweilin
Pilot Hugh Woods
Co-Pilot Lieu Chung-chuan
Radio Operator Joe Loh
NOTE: this information may not be correct.)
February 12, 1940
Plane #40
Pilot Joey Thom
October 29, 1940, near Changyi, China (Nine fatalities - pilot, stewardess and seven passengers.)
Plane DC-2 #39, Kweilin
Pilot Foxy Kent
Co-Pilot Hsu Chin
Radio Operator Lin Ju-liang
Stewardess Lu Mei-ying
January 20, 1941, near Kian in Kiangsi Province (All crew killed. Mr. Z. Kwong, a CNAC employee and Mr. Y.W. Yeh, civilian, were also killed. One traveling CNAC radio operator, P.L. Chang survived.)
Plane Ford Trimotor #??
Pilot Bernard Wong
Co-Pilot K.C. Wu
Radio Operator C. Chen
February 12, 1941, Honan, China (All crew killed. No passengers.)
Plane Ford Trimotor "Kangting" #?
Pilot Paul Chinn
Co-Pilot Joey Thom
Radio Operator C.N. Pau
May 1941, Suifu, China (No fatalities.)
Plane DC-3 #44(?) And so, the story of the DC-2 1/2 was born.
Pilot Hugh Woods
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
Autumn 1941
Plane DC-2 #24
Pilot Moon F. Chin
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
February 19, 1942
Plane #45
Pilot Wong (but which Wong)
March 14, 1942, Kunming, China. (Thirteen fatalities - three crew and ten passengers.)
Plane DC-2-221 #31 (named Chungshan)
Pilot Emil Silvan Scott
Co-Pilot William H. Schuler
Radio Operator T.Z. Woo
Mid-1942, From Gene Banning's list of 8/31/00:
"... forced landing in mountains crossing Hump mid-42, escaped OK."
Plane C-47, #??
Pilot James Hubbard
Co-Pilot Millard Nasholds
Radio Operator ??
October 10, 1942, Dinjan (No fatalities.)
Plane C-53 #52
Pilots Link Laughlin
and Bill Bartling
Radio Operator - None
November 17, 1942, between Kunming and Dinjan (Three fatalities - all crew lost. This was the first fatal CNAC accident on the Hump.)
Plane C-47 #60
Pilot John Dean
Co-Pilot James Browne
Radio Operator K.L. Yang or Young
NOTE: Sources are not in agreement as to who the radio operator was on this flight. Will continue to check to document.
December 6, 1942, Kunming (No fatalities.)
Plane C-47 #69
Pilot Robbie Robertson
Co-Pilot Jim Charville
February 13, 1943, on the Yangtze River near Kiangtsing (No fatalities)
Plane C-53 #46
Pilot Sydney de Kantzow
March 11, 1943, Kao I Kung Shan Ridge, China, also called "Fox's Pass" (Three fatalities - all crew lost)
Plane C-53 #53
Jim Fox
Co-Pilot L. Thom
Radio Operator K. Wong
March 13, 1943, somewhere over the Hump (Three fatalities - all crew lost.)
Plane C-53 #49
Pilot Orin Welch
Co-Pilot M.P. Hwang
Radio Operator S.W. Hwang
April 7, 1943, Naga Hills, over the Hump. (One fatality - radio operator)
Plane C-53 #58
Pilot Joe Rosbert
Co-Pilot Ridge Hammell
Radio Operator Y.T. Wong
August 11, 1943, somewhere in the Fort Hertz Valley (All three crew were killed)
Plane C-53 #48
Pilot Sam Anglin
Co-Pilot D. Chen
Radio Operator Z.V. Wu
October 6, 1943, crashed on take-off from Kunming
(No fatalities)
Plane C-47 # 69
Pilot George Robertson
C-Pilot James Charville
Radio Operator ???
October 13, 1943, Kunming to Dinjan (Three fatalities, all crew lost)
Plane C-47 #72
Pilot Mike Schroeder
Co-Pilot T. Tong
Radio Operator G. Chen
October 16, 1943, takeoff from Kunming. (No fatalities)
Plane C-47 #84
Pilot Julis Petach
Co-Pilot Chiu F. Tang
Radio Operator ???
October 23, 1943, crashed on take off from Kunming (No fatalities)
Plane C-47 #61
Pilot Kirkpatrick
Co-Pilot G.D. Wu
Radio Operator K.C. Yuan
October 26, 1943, landing at ATC airport in the Assam Valley (Minor injuries, no fatalities)
Plane C-47 #78
Pilot Hockswender
Co-Pilot Pettengill
Radio Operator ???
November 19, 1943, instrument approach to Kunming (Captain and radio operator were killed - only survivor was Co-Pilot.)
Plane C-53 #59
Pilot Albert Privensal
Co-Pilot George Huang
Radio Operator Chang
(NOTE: we are not sure which Chang this might be. If you know, please let us know. Thanks.)
November 19, 1943, night landing at Kunming (All three crew killed)
Plane C-47 #63
Pilot Charville
Co-Pilot Jimmie Chen
Radio Operator (not sure if one was aboard)
December 18, 1943, letdown into Suifu (All three crew killed)
Plane C-47 #83
Pilot Wright
Co-Pilot Charles Cook
Radio Operator ???
December 18, 1943, letdown into Suifu (All three crew killed)
Plane C-47 #79
M.K. Loh
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
January 10, 1944, Landing at Suifu (No fatalities)
Plane C-47 #88
Pilot George Robertson
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
January 17, 1944, On ground at Kunming (No fatalities)
Pilot Einar "Micky" Mickelson
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
February 17, 1944, Takeoff at Dinjan (No fatalities)
Plane C-47 #57
Pilot George Loux
Co-Pilot Eddie Quin
Radio Operator ???
February 20, 1944, lost over Hump, India to China (At least two fatalities - both pilots)
Plane C-47 #75
Pilot Mickey Mickelson
Co-Pilot W.L. Wang
Radio Operator (don't know if there was a radio operator on this flight)
March 7, 1944, takeoff from Cuba (in the Caribbean). (Killed everyone on board.)
Plane C-47 #91
Pilot Weldon Tutwiler
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
Navigator Ged Brown
March 11, 1944, landing at Dinjan (No fatalities)
Plane C-47 #86
Pilot Glenn H. Carroll
Co-Pilot Pai/Pia
Radio Operator W.L. Wong
March 13, 1944, crashed in Cuba (at least two fatalities)
Plane ???
Pilot Dennis Kelly
Co-pilot Guzowski
Radio Operator ???
March 24, 1944, Dinjan to Kunming (No fatalities)
Plane C-53 #51
Pilot James Scoff
Co-Pilot Billy Stone
Radio Operator W.Y. Wong
May 15, 1944 (All 3 crew killed)
Plane C-47 #90
Pilot Leo Atwater
Co-Pilot Y.T. Chang
Radio Operator C.H. Loh
May 18, 1944, Dinjan landing (No fatalities)
Plane C-47 #92
Pilot James Scoff
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
May 20, 1944 (No fatalities)
Plane C-47 #87
Pilot Hal Smith
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
May 26, 1944, Calcutta to Dinjan, north of Burma (12 fatalities - no survivors)
Plane C-47 #82
Pilot Richard Marchant
Co-Pilot C.F. Liu
Radio Operator (Don't believe there was an assigned radio operator on this flight.)
June 8, 1944, Dinjan to Kunming - over Kunming (6 fatalities, crew and 3 extra crew)
Plane C-47 #85
Pilot Tom Loomis
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
June 18, 1944, landing at Chungking (1 passenger killed)
Plane C-47 #71
Pilot Paul Kessler
Co-Pilot Yen
Radio Operator C.C. Yang
August 1, 1944, hit Mt. Baldy on takeoff from Kunming (All 3 crew killed)
Plane C-47 #73
Pilot K.L. Mah
Co-Pilot Teng
Radio Operator S.W. Lam
August 31, 1944, from Kunming over the Huhuang Valley near Shimbuwang (Co-Pilot and radio operator killed)
Plane C-47 #97
Pilot Bert Coulson
Co-Pilot Ting
Radio Operator C.H. Chang
October 7, 1944, takeoff from Dinjan somewhere over Sadiya (All 3 crew killed)
Plane C-47 #101
Pilot James Scoff
Co-Pilot C. Wong
Radio Operator D. Chen
November 4, 1944, night landing at Dinjan (No fatalities)
Plane C-47 #80
Pilot Don Codrea
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
November 16, 1944, Takeoff from Yunnanyi (No fatalities)
Plane C-47 #98
Pilot Julius Petach
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
November 24, 1944, bailout near Kunming (No fatalities)
Plane C-47 #106
Pilot Lloyd McClellan
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
November 30, 1944, takeoff from Dinjan, crashed on the side of Digboi Mountain, Naga Hills (All 3 crew killed)
Plane C-47 #56
Pilot George "Andy" Anderson
Co-Pilot Chang, Szhe Pu
Radio Operator Wen De Bin
November 30, 1944 OR December 12, 1944
Plane ???
Pilot Robert E. Anderson
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
January 6, 1945, crashed in the Patkai Mountains (All 3 crew killed)
Plane C-47 #74
Pilot William D. Warren
Co-Pilot T.T. Shen
Radio Operator Y.S. Liu
January 6, 1945, Kunming to Dinjan (All four crew killed)
Plane C-47 #77
Pilot Russell Coldren
Co-Pilot K.W. Chen
Radio Operator V.N. Chow
Radio Operator In Training G. Tai
January 7, 1945, mountainside cemetery above the city of Tali by Tali Lake (All 3 crew killed)
Plane C-47 #102
Pilot Sherwin "Fuzzy" Ball
Co-Pilot H.M. Chu
Radio Operator C.H. Lam
January 14, 1945, crashed on a food drop on the Burma-China boarder (All 4 crew killed)
Plane C-47 #70
Pilot Albert Thorwaldson
Co-Pilot Stephan Y.S. Chow
Radio Operator Kwok-Yung Karn
Food Dropper (Kicker) Pfc. Clifford R. Durgin
Crew members in training who were not killed; Lee Yun Waox and Chun Chee Ping
January 16, 1945, Chungking to Kunming (All 3 crew killed)
Plane C-47 #93
Pilot George Huang
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
February 16, 1945, bail out over the Hukawng Valley. (No fatalities)
Plane C-47 #105 Pilot Homer E. Anderson
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
March 18, 1945, crash landing at Kunming. (No fatalities)
Plane C-47 #96
Pilot Richard Mulloy
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
April 9, 1945, crashed about 11,000 feet, half way from Sichang to Kunming. (All 3 crew killed)
Plane C-47 #88
Pilot William "Hal" Smith
Co-Pilot William Eng
Radio Operator H. Feng
May 9, 1945, crashed after takeoff from Dinjan. (Both crew killed)
Plane C-47 #94
Pilot Ridge Hammell
Co-Pilot C.C. Feng
Radio Operator - none on this flight
June 15, 1945, crashed somewhere between Yunnayi and Suifu. (All 3 killed)
Plane C-47 #81
Pilot Richard Green
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
August 9, 1945, crashed on take off from Dinjan (No fatalities)
Plane C-46 #114
Pilot Bart Hahn
Co-Pilot Charles Sullivan
Radio Operator ???
Saturday, October 20, 1945, between Shanghai and Canton. (All 28 passengers and 3 crew were killed.)
Pilot Frank Higgs
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
March 18, 1946, somewhere between Chungking and Shanghai (no survivors ever found)
Plane #139
Pilot Howard McCracken
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
October 8, 1946, crashed into Lochi Mountain (All 31 passengers and crew killed.)
Plane ???
Pilot Captain Andrew Longbotham
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
Black Christmas, December 25, 1946.(At least 71 passengers and crew members were killed in three different plane crashes.)

Plane DC-3 #140
Pilot Capt. Greenwood
Co-Pilot L. Lin
Radio Operator King

Plane C-46 #115
Pilot Rolf Preus
Co-Pilot H.C. Tan
Radio Operator ???

Plane CATC C-47
Pilot Tommy Wing, formally with CNAC. (All 10 occupants killed - No survivors)
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
January 5, 1947 -- near Tsingtao (All 43 aboard were killed.)
Plane C-46, #121, XT-T51
Pilot Charles Sharkey
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
(total of 5 cremembers)
January 25, 1947, near Chungking. (All 18 aboard were killed.)
Plane C-47 #??
Pilot Jack Blackmore
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
January 28, 1947, Hankow to Chungking. (25 of the 26 aboard were killed. Does anyone know the identity of the one survivor?)
Plane C-46, #??
Pilot John Papajik
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
April 25, 1947 at Lungwha Airfield
Plane ??? #141
Pilot A.P. Moore (not sure of the name)
Co-Pilot ????
Radio Operator ???
October 27, 1947 near Yulin, China The pilot and co-pilot were killed. There were no passengers onboard. The radio operator was the only survivor.
Plane C-47 #???
Pilot C.T. Chao
Co-Pilot P.C. Yen
Radio Operator T.H. Ma
January 20, 1948, Mukden to ??? (Three Chinese passengers killed.)
Plane C-46 #???
Pilot Carl Wiss
Co-Pilot ???
Radio Operator ???
August 16, 1948, Rangoon to Mandalay All crew and passengers survived.
Plane XT-143
Pilot A. Wilson
Co-Pilot C.H. Hsu
Radio Operator T.H. Mah
December 12, 1948, at the Taipei, Taiwan airport
The two crew members lost their lives. All eight passengers survived.
Plane DC-3 #???
Pilot ???
Crew Member ???
December 21, 1948, Shanghai to Hong Kong -- Basalt Island (All 28 pasesngers and 7 crew were killed, including Quentin Roosevelt.)
Plane DC-4 #XT-104
Pilot Charles Sundby
Co-Pilot Jack Au
Flight Engineer Frank Chang
Flight Operator P.H. Kao
Supernumery Crew C.N. Ioh
Flight Stewardeww Miss S.M. Wong
Flight Stewardess Miss H. Chu (We're pretty sure this is Hilda Chu.)
Christy Hanks knows more and has researched more about CNAC's War-Time pilots, planes and accidents than anyone else - ever!
Here is Christy's summary of CNAC's War-Time efforts.

Help! If you are Richard Barrett and lived in Adelaide, South Australia in 2001, please e-mail me, Tom Moore,

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