JANUARY 14, 1945

Albert Thorwaldson, 01/14/45, C-46 #70.
All 4 killed. C/P: Stephan Y.S. Chow, R/O: Kwok-Yung Karn. Food dropper: Pfc. Clifford R. Durgin, died 18 hours after the crash. Lee Yun Waox and Chun Chee Ping, both Chinese crews in training, survived with severe injuries. Crashed after food drop but failed to retract landing gear after the drop. Couldn't pull over the mountain and hit the very top of it. When plane was found, the gear had been down when crashed and a fire consumed the plane and cremated the pilot, copilot and radio operator. The plane crashed about 1 1/2 miles NNW of the boundary post #37 on Burma-China boarder. It was a dangerous airdrop as the Japanese were in hot pursuit of the Chinese Y Force who had scattered into the hills north of the Burma Road without food. The drops had to be against the side of the mountain or the Japanese would get the rice.
Source: Cedric Mah.

The following excerpt comes from "The Aluminum Trail" by Chick Marrs Quinn.
See booksetc01.htm for details about this and other related books.

Here is an article regarding the death of Albert Thorwaldson (in a train wreck!).
I attach it because of the biographical information it contains.

Bismarck Tribune, 25 January 1945

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