TOMMY S. WING (19??-1946)

(CNAC 194? - December 25,1946)
(Captain - ???)

June 29, 2000. From Bob Sherwood

"I do not remember Tommie Wong. I remember Tommy Wing and Young Wong. The latter lived in San Antonio. When I was there five years ago I talked with another Chinese who had known him and said he was dead. Hay, some of us are getting old!-----Bob"

and this message, too

"I just knew them as "Wing and Wong". They both came from the US, Wong from San Antonio. CNAC and the AVG had a re-union in Taipai in 1964 which my wife and daughter attended. Wong wrote me that it "was his dearest wish" to attend but he could not afford it. Wong's first name was "Young". Wong objected to a Chinese customs inspector going thru his bag in Kunming; pulled a knife on the inspector and spent one or two nights in a Chinese jail. He got badly bitten by insects, objected to the "slop" they fed him; and when he got out kept referring to the God damned Chinese. He got out by tossing a note to a Chinese kid to notify CNAC where he was. ---Bob"

Names mentioned:
Joe Hall
Y.G. Wong
Lester Chin
Moon Chin

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