(late 1937 - Summer 1940)

Late in 1937 several men joined their new boss and commander, Claire Chennault, as flight instructors, mechanics, armament men and other ground personnel for the Chinese Air Force.

Here are some of the photos of that time period.

S.S. Coolidge
Hoing Kong Harbor - Late in 1937
Emil Scott sailed on this ship from Honolulu to Hong Kong.

Chen En Wei and his wife
Liu Chow - 1937 or 1938

Claire Chennault, General Chow and "Mac" McDonald
Mong-Tze Basic Training School
Plane is a Ford Transport, 3 engine job
1937, 1938 or 1939
(Courtesy of Jean Holder, Frank Higgs' niece)

Claire Chennault and "Mac" McDonald
Plane is a Curtiss Howk-75
(Courtesy of Jean Holder, Frank Higgs' niece)

Liu Chow, Kwangsi
Fish Rock
probably 1938

"On May 5, 1938 Mull, Adair and I went to Talifu"

Emil - right-center, facing camera

Emil flanked by two Tibetan Monks

Unknown, Chris Angle, Hugh Woods, Mull and Scotty.
Tibet trip(?), May 5, 1938

Interpreter Chow & wife
Chow Sing Noon and Chen Tien Ming
Sept. 22, 1938

"Arrival in Kunming from Liui Chow on Oct. 26, 1938 via Hong Kong & Hanoi"
"Kunming Airdrome Entrance"

"Quenten Roosevelt Passes"
(correct spelling is Quentin)
Probably Kunming - 1938

probably Kunming - 1938
Bob Angle, "Scotty" Scott, Johnson and his wife, "Babe" Johnson

Sign says something about "radio"?
Albert Lee aka Al Wong, Emil "Scotty" Scott and Unknown
1938 or 1939

Dr. Lee
Kunming - 1938

Dr. Lee and William "Mac" McDonald
Probably Kunming - 1938, 1939 or 1940

Bob Angle and Billy McDonald
1938, 1939 or 1940

"On Dec. 28, 1938 Pannis, Angle, Adair & I are sent to Yunnanyi for
'Instructor's School' & Primary Class Two days northwest by bus."
Unknown, Emil and Unknown

Chen En Wei and Boatner Carney
Liu Chow 1938 or 1939

Chen En Wei and Unknown
Liu Chow, 1938 or 1939

Generallissimo Chiang and General Chow Chih-Ju
Somewhere in China, 1938 or 1939

Scotty and Student Pilots
left to right
R.M. Wang, Kou Tsle Chong, Emil "Scotty" Scott, Ma Ste Chen and Unknown
1938 or 1939

left to righ
Unknown, Unknown, Emil "Scotty" Scott, Instructor Major Hsaug-Young Lee, Unknown, Unknown and Unknown
The plane is a Curtiss Hawk III
1938 or 1939

Chinese Track Meet
Caucasians kneeling in front left to right
William Heston, "Billy" McDonald, Skip Adair and John Williams
Chinese in picture are unknown
Yunnanyi - 1938 or 1939

Unknown, Eva, McKay and Mary
Somewhere in China - 1938, 1939 or possibly 1940

"Commandant of School"
Col. Chang Yu-Kon
Tall man at the right is John Williams
The man to his left might be Skip Adair
1938, 1939 or 1940

"11th Pursuit Cadets Section 1"
All 17 cadets are Unknown
Plane is a Hawk III
1938, 1939 or 1940

"Official Party"
Boatner Carney, Col. Chang YC, Claire Chennault, Mr. Shu (interpreter),
Lt. Col. Ning M.J., Col. Wang (Tiger) and Col. Lee H.M.
China - 1938, 1939 or 1940

more of the "Offical Party"
Emil "Scotty" Scott, Boatner Carney and Col. Chang YC

Claire Chennault
Probably Kunming, 1938, 1939 or 1940

"I go to Lowing to ferry Hawk III's with 4 Chinese pilots aboard C.N.A.C."
1938, 1939 or 1940

Gate to Mengtsze Compound
1938, 1939 or 1940

Inside the Mengtsze Compound
1938, 1939 or 1940

Lt. Liu Ye-Ye
1938, 1939 or 1940

Interpreter Wu
Yunnanyi - 1938, 1939 or 1940

Emil "Scotty" Scott
Yunnanyi - 1938, 1939 or 1940
The planes are Ryan Trainer Monoplanes

"Instructor Chow"
Chao Kwang-Han
Yunnanyi - 1938, 1939 or 1940

Lt. Shao
Yunnanyi - 1938, 1939 or 1940

Chauffer Chee
Yunnanyi - 1938, 1939 or 1940

Broatner Carney, Emil Scott, Billy McDonald and Claire Chennault
Probably in Yunnanyi, 1938 or 1939

Emil Scott with camera, Skip Adair in white cap and Claire Chennault
Chinese Track Event
Yunnanyi, 1938 or 1939

1938/9: That's Emil Scott on the left.
then Unknown, Unknown, Instructor Gruh and Unknown
Do you know any of the others in this picture?

"End of Instructor's School, Kunming (?) February 4, 1939"
Unknown Chinese Instructor/pilot.

Unknown, Unknown and Instructor Gruh
End of Instructor's School, Kunming(?)
February 5, 1939

left to right
Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, William Pannis, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown and Unknown
End of Instructor's School
Kunming(?) - February 5, 1939

Unknown, Ma Sze-Chang and Unknown
End of Instructor's School
Kunming(?) - February 5, 1939

John Williams, Boatner Carney and Emil Scott
Mentsze - August 15, 1939

General C.J. Chow (Chief of Chinese Air Force), Unknown, Unknown and Unknown
China - 1939

Rosie Mok
Kunming - 1940

Elizabeth "Georgi" Scott
Kunming - 1940

Probably Kunming - 1940

Unknown couple
Loiwing Club Room
China - 1940

"Col takes a shot"
Unknown Chinese and baby, Claire Chennault and Emil "Scotty" Scott
Kunming Lake - 1940

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