Chen and his wife
Chen graduated from Chien-Chow Air Force Cadets School of Class II in 1930 or 1931.
Information provided by Maj Gen Fred Chiao, CAF (Ret.), now living is Georgia, USA,
and verified by Chen En Wei who now lives in Michigan, USA, 1999.

Chen pictured here with Boatner Carney
North American BT-9 Trainer at left.
Chen was a primary instructor, with six cadets under his instruction:
Koon -- Killed in action
Lee -- Retired to Houston, Texas
Fong -- Killed in action
Li -- Killed in action
Liu -- Lived in Los Angeles after retiring
Chiao -- Retired and living in Georgia
[This information provided by Maj Gen Fred Chiao, CAF (Ret.)]

Chen En Wei and Unknown
Liu Chow, 1938 or 1939

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