WILLIAM C. MCDONALD (1906 - 1984)
"Mac" or "Billy"

(CNAC 1939-1947)
(Captain - ???)
(Hump Flights = ???)

Left to Right
McDonald, Possum Hansell (I think), Chennault and Luke Williamson
(Photo Courtesy of Mac's daughter, Cameron Vowell)

Chennault, McDonald and Hansell
"Three Men on a Flying Trapeze"

(Photo courtesy of Bruce Gardner Leighton courtesy of his grand daughter Eugenie Buchan)

Cartoonist Milton Caniff used Billy for the character "Captian Mac" in Terry and the Pirates.

Hong Kong Bay - 1941
William McDonald and Frank Higgs without shirts.
Shelley Mydans on Frank's left, others unknown.
What a beautiful day!
(Photo Courtesy of Tom Moore)

left to right
Frank Higgs, Frieda Chen, George Huang, Lucille Lee-Mac's Secretary, "Mac" McDonald
Calcutta - 1942
(Photo Courtesy of Jeanne Holder - niece to Frank Higgs)

In the 1943-45 log book of Don McBride, Carl listed his home address as:

William C. McDonald, Jr.
1040 43rd Street, Belview Hgts.,
Birmingham, Alabama.

Wedding of Tud and Mary Margret Tarbet
November 1946
Left to right the men are:
William "Mac" McDonald, Reg "Doc" Farrar, Tud Tarbet (bridegroom), balding man in back is unknown, William A. Smith (in Army Air Corp uniform), "Red"? (in Navy? uniform), Bob Rengo (kinda cut-off).
Left to right the women are:
1st lady is unknown, unknown, Mary Margret Tarbet (bride), last lady on right is unknown.
Little flower girl in front is Pam Parish (daughter of Len and Fran Parish) and the little boy is Patrick Mahrt (son of Harvey and Isabelle Mahrt)
(Photo Courtesy of Valerie Parish Kendrick)

Mac was born May 24, 1906 in Birmingham, Alabama.
He died June 11, 1984 in Birmingham at the UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham) Hospital.

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