(1943? - 1945)

After Liberation
(Photo Courtesy of Kay Cotterman Hoskins)

Unknown, Unknown, Ordean B. Kittleson, Unknown and Unknown
(Information about Kittleson comes from his niece, Gloria Kittleson
(Photo Courtesy of Walt Regehr)
The following people were in Bilibid:

Stuart Barnett
Clyde Andrew Coats
W.B. DeMore
Dr. Charles Arthur Dwyer
Albert Erickson also at O'Donnell, Cabanatuan, Bilibid, Fukuoka #3, and Mukden.
Lt. Gregoria Espinosa
Col. Halstead C. Fowler
Henry Harris
Ordean B. Kittleson
Thomas N. McKinney, Sr., also at Santo Tomas
James J. Palmer
John Ream
Walter Regehr
Andrew Sabo (then to Cabanatuan and then to Tanagawa)
Esperanza Valido

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