Here are just a few of the men who were on the Bataan Death March:

Major Bert Bank - wrote, "Back from the Living Dead" (1945)
Glenn Bellows
James Arthur Brewer or Franklin Arthur Brewer
Allen E. Clark
Lt. Col. William E. Dyess - wrote, "Death March from Bataan, Narrative of Experiences in Japanese Prison Camps and Eventual Escape" (1944)
Newton Forester
Richard J. Frenz
Paul Head
James Hildebrand
Robert Morris Hodges
Stephen Jack Holt
Robert W. Levering - wrote, "Horror Trek" (1948)
Ordean B. Kittleson
Pedro Decal Macatangay
John Allen McCarty
John Edward Parsons
Howard V. Pugh, Jr.
Ralph Sessions
Rito Sierra
Ted Tammany
Lester I. Tenney - wrote, "My Hitch in Hell the Bataan Death March" (1995)
Captain Harry E. White, USA
Ballard King Yeates

Along the Death March
April 1942
left to right
PFC Sam Stenzler
31st INF, died in Camp O'Donnell on 5-26-42
PFC Frank Spear 31st INF (4th Chemical also) died on 7-18-43. in Fukuoko, Japan. After Abucay, the 31st INF was reinforced with members of the 4th and 7th Chemical. Chemical units are given Infantry training, so they were already infantry trained. Capt. James Gallagher 31st INF died 4-09-42. Gallagher was killed soon after that picture was taken. His DOD is 4-09-42.

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