August 7, 2005

Bilibid was condemned before WW2 as unfit for human use. This was ignored in 1941 when the Japs attacked the Phillippines. This is the story brought back by my cousin, Dr Charles Arthur Dwyer who was a doctor in th US Navy and stationed in Manila. He and other officers were up in the hills over Manila when they witnessed the planes attacking. They left the hills and went down to see how they could help the wounded. At some time shortly after leaving the hills the Japs captured them and they became POW's. My information is sketchy as he only spoke one time of the 3 1/2 years of hell they endured. As a doctor he was never beaten or tortured. He was kept alive to treat those tortured - virtually all prisoners. The Japs would touture and beat our men and then throw them at him (Red was his nickname) to bandage and treat with precious little available. The next day the bandages would be beaten off of them.

When they were captured they were lined up on the beach. Men took off any jewelry, watches, money, etc. and ground it into the sand so as not to be taken by these monsters. He was interned from the very beginning of the war until the freeing of the Philippines. He weighed approx. 215 pounds when captured and approx. 85 pounds when freed. A page on him would be most appreciated. I will contact his brothers for more information.

I was only 9 years old in 1941 so was not allowed to hear any more of the talk to the family. But Red has two brothers still living who were in the Pacific during the war. They could tell you more, I'm sure. If you would like to contact them, I will speak with them about it.

I would really like for the American public to remember these forgotten men! Thank you - it is so nice to know that someone still cares.

Thank you for reading this.

Patricia McCall
Houston, Texas

April 9, 2010

A distant cousin of Dr. Dwyer found the following information:

I have a family group record prepared by his wife, Virginia, which states he was born 20 Sep 1913 in Houston, TX. I found his brother Jack's obituary, which states Charles Arthur preceded Jack in death, so he died sometime before 20 Dec 2008. I've put out a couple other feelers, but don't have much else yet.

RayDean Hill

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