ROBERT S. "BOB" and CHRIS ANGLE - In Kunming in 1940. Bob was a pilot for CNAC and participated in the evacuation of Hong Kong in December, 1941. Iíve called many Angleís but no one knows Bob and Chris - yet! 3-22-96: Jim Bledsoe told me that both Bob and Chris died quite some time ago and he doesnít think they had any children. FOUND!!!! Chris is alive and well, living in Connecticut. She's written a book and is in the process of getting it published.
UPDATE: Chris passed away in 2001.

BOATNER "BUTCH" OR "BO" CARNEY - died somewhere in Louisiana- was married (?) to Rosie Mok.

GERALD LEE "BILL" CHERYMISIN (pronounced "Shermison") - Lee and Emil shared a house in Kunming in November, 1938.
1996: Homer Cooper found Leeís first name, also, Capt., in the New York Times, January 10, 1943, page 5, column 2, awarded Air Medal. Iíve got to start using the NY Times Index for other 30ís and 40ís clues.
June 1997: Gerald Lee Cherymisin died June 25, 1979 in San Bernardino, CA.

VINCENT ALTIZO FOX - Vincentís Father was American; his Mother was mestiza. Vincent was interned at Los Banos in the Philippines during WWII. Last known living in New Jersey.


July 3, 2002: I have been contacted by two of Vincent's sons, Ed and Greg. Ed told me that after 30 years his Dad retired from McClellan AFB. What a very small World we live in. Vincent passed away in 1985 (born in 1916). Next I will build a page for Vincent regarding his life and times -- more to follow, please check back.

DR. TOM GENTRY - Chief of the AVG Medical Section. Died in the 1970s in New York State(?). Unmarried?
July 4, 1997: From Malcom Rosholt - Dr. Gentry went on to be the Medical Officer for Chennault and the Civil Air Transport (CAT),
This picture of Dr. Gentry was taken at the Tenth annual National Convention of the 14th Air Force Association at the Hotel Statler, August 9, 1957. Dr. Gentry is looking at his girlfriend. Malcom and Margaret Rosholt are sitting behind Gentry's girlfriend. Jessie Williams is at the table sitting to the right of the Rosholt's, wearing horn-rimmed glasses.

HARVEY and OLGA S. GREENLAW - FOUND! I heard Olga died in California in 1983. Olga was 12 years Harveyís junior and Iím told they fought like cats and dogs. Even Olga admits to the fights in her book, "Lady and the Tigers".
5-15-95: Russell Whelanís book, "The Flying Tigers", acknowledges that Olga kept a daily report of activities which were published in the A.V.G. NEWS. Anybody shed any light on the NEWS or where I might find any copies?
10-18-96: Bob Fausel told me that Olga remarried after the War and that two of Olgaís sisters are still living. Bob said he will send me their addresses.
10-24-96: From Alicia Schweizer, one of Olgaís sisters - Olga remarried in 1944 to Paul H. Owsley. They lived near Mt. Shasta for many years. After Paul died Olga moved to Glendale then later to Camarillo. Her sister, Alicia Schweizer, moved there (Camarillo) after Olga got settled. Olga died in 1983. Aliciaís other sister is Mrs. Richard (Beatrice) Priest. Aliciaís husband John passed away a few months ago.

E. W. HAZZARD - From the handwriting I thought this person was a female, but a letter from Beth Steele (Georgiís mother), dated 3-10-44, refers to a "Mr. Hazzard - he", also interned at Santo Tomas. E.W. was expaitriated in 1943.
FOUND!!!! July 3, 1997: I have been in touch with the younger brother of E.W., Micheal S. Hazzard. E.W.'s full name was Elliot W. Hazzard, Jr. I will be writing to Michael shortly. Michael lives in Charleston, SC.

LEROY "WILLIE" and PEARL HESTON, JR. - In the Kunming area in 1939/40. I have 6 pictures with Pearl in them, but none of Willie. Both mentioned in Chennaultís book Way of a Fighter. Willie also mentioned in Jack Samsonís book Chennault. Willie is also mentioned in one of Emil's letters home.
5-25-96: FOUND! In "The Man Who Loved Flying" by Edna Hill, I found that retired Col Heston moved back to Grantís Pass, Oregon. All his material was donated to the local historical society. Pearl and Willie were divorced and Pearl went to Southern California to be near her sisters. Edna did not know if Pearl was still alive, nor did she know the names of Pearlís sisters.

HUNTER - This is a male.

HAROLD and BABE(?) JOHNSON - Harold was killed flying the Generalissimoís Boeing transport, 19??. Both mentioned in Chennaultís book Way of a Fighter.


DR. LEE - Flight Surgeon.
This Dr. Lee may have been the same YOU HOW LEE who was the Assistant Medical Director under Dr. Tom Gentry working for Civil Air Transport (CAT) -- Chennault's airline, in 1950.

ROSIE MOK - Married(?) to Boatner Carney. Kasy Sutter said she thought Rosie died in Hong Kong in the 1970ís, but isn't positive.

HAROLD and LOIS MULL - Harold died on the boat trip home, after completing his contract in 19??.

(Maybe WILLIAM) PANNIS, (spelled like this, "Panis", in one reference) - (male) Picture of Scott, Angle, Pannis and Reynolds. Probably taken in Hong Kong, early 1938. "On Dec. 28, 1938 Pannis, Angle, Adair and I are sent to Yunnanyi for "Instructorís School" & Primary Class - Two days northwest by bus." Have another picture of just Pannis. Another picture of Pannis standing along side a panel-type truck. Three other pictures of Pannis with Chinese students, Feb 5, 1939. Have not found this person mentioned in any books, yet!

TROY L. and KAY PERKINS - Troy is in a picture with Georgi and some of the Soongís (1940). I also have movie footage of the same group of people given to me by Robert Rogers who is married to Chennaultís granddaughter, Martha, Maxís daughter. Troy Perkins is mentioned in E.J. Kahn, Jr.'s book "The China Hands".


ROGER M. REYNOLDS - Roger and Emil Scott were both in Hawaii in 1936/7 and they both went to China in late 1937.
3-22-96: Per Jim Bledsoe - Yes, Roger was married to Phyllis and Phyllis did live in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Phyllis is now deceased. They had two daughters. One named Patricia and one is a flight attendent, maybe for United Airlines?? Maybe the flight attendent and Patricia are one in the same? I need to write to Unitedís headquarters. Maybe they can help me.
3-25-96: Per Mrs. William (Edna C.) Pawley said that Roger died in 1977 and that she never heard from Phyllis after that date.

BO SANGSTER - (male) Have picture of "Sangster and Welsh spun in, Hankow Jan. 4, 1938."
Sebie Smith remebers a Bo Sangster. Probably the same person.

WELSH - (male)

OSCAR and KATY WILKE - Katy did the reception for Emil and Betty Scott after their wedding at the Peninsula Hotel. Oscar was the Chief Mechanic for CNAC.
March 1996: Mable Sweet Palmer said that Oscar and Katy had a daughter who was about 13 in 1938. Called lots of Wilkeís, but no luck.

JOHN WILLIAMS - deceased in Southern California, late 1980ís or early 90ís.

HUGH L. and MAJ(E) WOODS - Hugh was a pilot for CNAC.

Does any one know if there was any kind of printed or memographed newsletter or bulletin in either English or Chinese about the Instructor Flying Schools for the China Air Force (CAF) at either Mengtsz or Kunming, 1937-1940?

You can e-mail me at:

Tom O. Moore, Jr.
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