George Walter Steele was born to William Steele and Abbie Louise Lowe on February 22, 1879 in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California.

Elizabeth Lucy Mattison was born to Israel Wilberforce Mattison and Laura Aiken or Lyster on January 28, 1886 in Oberlin, Lorian County, Ohio.

George and Elizabeth "Beth" were married May 27, 1912 in Honolulu, Upper Monoa Road, Territory of Hawaii.

Frank S. Scudder-Minister of the Gospel, Honolulu, Hawaii
Wilfrid H. Greenwell, Paia, Maui
Duncan B. Murdoch, Paia, Maui
Mary F.P. Scudder
May B. Murdoch
Lulu Greenwell
Charles W. Baldwin, Manoa(?) Valley
(Charles was George Steele's brother-in-law, married to:)
Olive S. Baldwin (George Steele's sister)
Lois Murdoch
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George and Beth had two children, a daughter, Elizabeth Steele born March 3, 1919 in Paia, Maui, Territory of Hawaii and a son, George Edward Steele born December 20, 1920 in Paia, Maui, Territory of Hawaii.

George Steele with his daughter, Elizabeth
Mauai - 1919

George Steele worked for the Maui Agricultural Company. The following excerpt is from a book written by George's brother-in-law, Charles W. Baldwin, "Geography of the Hawaiian Islands" (1908, 1920, 1924):

Beth Steele with grandaughter, Moana Scott
California - about 1943

May 1962
50th Wedding Anniversary for George and Beth
Ted, Beth, George, Moana and Georgi

George Steele died December 21, 1968 in Jan Jose, California and is buried at Alta Mesa Memorial Park Cemetery in Palo Alto, California.

Beth Steele died March 22, 1975 in Riverside, Riverside County, California and is also buried at Alta Mesa Memorial Park Cemetery in Palo Alto, California.

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