Charles Mason Cotterman (grandfather, born 1888 - died April 10, 1945, in Manila after liberation) had a son:
Leo Kay Cotterman (born 1889 Nebraska - died 1965 San Francisco, but re-interned at Colma, California) who was married to Elena Stewart Cotterman (born 1888 Nebraska - died 1966 Colma, California)

Leo K. Cotterman - 1908

Leo and Elena's daughter, Elizabeth (born Manila October 24, 1914 - died in Carmichael, California March 15, 1999), was married to James Leroy Morgan
Elizabeth and James had two daughters and one son
Seana Morgan (daughter)
Dale Morgan (daughter)
James Daniel "Dan" Morgan (son)
Michael (son - born after the War in San Francisco)

Leo and Elena's son, Stewart Kay Cotterman (born Manila July 2, 1917 - died Ontario, California February 1981), was married to Elsie Vreeland, and they had two daughters, Linda and Adrienne (born in STIC May 29, 1943)

(envelope purchased on eBay May 1, 2007 and given to Catherine Cotterman Hoskins)

Leo and Elena's last child was Catherine Cotterman (born Manila, June 18, 1921)

Tom Moore and Kay
September 30, 2000

Catherine Cotterman Hoskins and Jim Hilderbrand

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