William John Hoffmann (husband)
Anne Hoffman (wife)
Margaret Doreen Hoffmann (daughter)
William John Hoffmann, Jr. (son) (deceased)

February 6, 1942
left to right
Donald Rutter (U.S. Navy -- no shirt), one of the Coote's brothers, Unknown, Bill Hoffmann, Earl Hornbostel and an Unknown mistiso.
Rutter was taken with 25/26 other military men from Santo Tomas Internment Camp
and sent to Cabanatuan Military Prison Camp.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Moore and information from Patricia "Pat" Chittick Remley.)

Two unknown Sailors with Margaret and Bill Hoffman
On the ship back to the U.S. after liberation - 1945

A New York bar after arrival - 1945
Margaret Hoffmann, Bob Harn and Jackie Flannery

August 17, 2005

Dear Mr.Moore,

I wanted to thank you for sharing these pictures...when my grandfather William J Hoffmann died, a friend of my grandmothers got her (Ann Hoffmann) to BURN most of her past so she wouldn't be reminded of all we have left is a small box of my mother's photos. This site is greatly appreciated.


Carol Tileston -- daughter of Margaret Hoffmann

If you would like to share any information about the Hoffmann family
or if you would like to be added to my POW/Internee e-mail distribution list,
please let me, Tom Moore, know.

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