From "Santo Tomas" by Frederic Stevens:

Robert Bruce Harn
William Wallace Harn
Wilson Winslow Harn

A San Francisco bar after arrival - 1945
Margaret Hoffmann, Bob Harn and Jackie Flannery

February 25, 2009

William (Bill) W. Harn married my mother's sister, Freda Vogel on 15 August 1964 in Alameda County, California. The last time I saw them both, they were living at 7575 Madison Ave, Citrus Heights, Sacramento, Ca 95610. That was about 15 years ago. I'm not sure Bill is even still living since he was 46 years old when they got married in 1964. That would make him about 91 years old today. Freda would be about 78 (she was 34 when they married) I've lost touch with them and my cousins (Richard, Trisha, Susan and Cherrie) They were Freda's children from a former husband (Richard Fowler) before Bill and Freda had met and married. I used to love to go visit them when I was a kid (I'm now 57) and play with my cousins. The music you have playing on your Harn Family site is so typical of the big band era music that my Uncle Bill loved to listen to. He gave me a great appreciation for that kind of music. I can share as much as I can remember of the William Harn Family if you contact me. My Cel # is (970)690-8386. I live in Colorado. I would love to re-connect with Freda (Bill?) and my cousins. If you have any information. Please contact me :-)


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"Moonlight Serenade".
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