December 12, 2006


About my grandfather -- his name was Pedro Decal Macatangay -- he was born on January of 1919 and he died on october 11 (or was it 12), 1993. He was part of the USAFFE as a field medic. He finished Medicine in the University of Santo tomas, and he stopped his practice just to help our fellowmen. When the USAFFE surrendered, he became a part of the infamous death march. He was one of the lucky soldiers who were able to spend part of the march riding in army trucks. He suffered malaria, seizures and other war related diseases even after the liberation. My mom even told me that he can't keep his food down, that he has to go the bathroom everytime he eats something. He didn't end up in Cabanatuan; he was released together with the Filipinos while the Americans were left behind.

Arvin Aningalan

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