GEORGE VAN CLEVE (1918 - 1998)
(Chief, Supply Division)
(CNAC 1944 - 1947)

From an undated CNAC Mailing List:
George Van Cleve
4811 Marilyn Ave.
Culver City Calif.

From another undated list:
George Van Cleve sr (NOTE: don't know what the "sr" means, do you?)
6347 W. 85th St.
Los Angeles 49

From a CNAC Mailing List dated, 2/1/65:
George Van Cleve
8321 Zitola Terrace
Playa Del Ray, Calif.

From a list dated, February 5, 1979:
George Van Cleve
2275 W25th - Space-150
San Pedro, CA 90732

October 26, 2008

This is my father and he was part of CNAC following World War Two; he was there as store keeper. He told us that he got most of supplies for the airplanes from the airforce. He was in China until 1947.

My father had an infection of hepatitis B. He died of this infection when he was 78. Dr. Charles Lobby, who was a missionary doctor in China, treated my father in China. When my father died he was living at Western and 25th in San Pedro, California. My father received the following award.


News Release

George VanCleve of San Pedro was presented the China War Memorial Medal on November 30, 1982 by S.K. Hu, Deputy Representative in Washington, D.C. of the Republic of China. Presented about 38 years after the fact, the Medal, known as the “10th” decoration of World War II honors members of the 14th Air Force under Lt. General Claire Chennault, the American Volunteers Group (Flying Tigers) and China National Aviation Corp. (China’s Flag Airline and life line). George was Chief, Supply division 1944- 1947. Known in China as the K’ang Chan-Nien Chang award the decoration was authorized by the Chinese Government at the end of World War II. However, because of general confusion in China, the Civil War and evacuation to Formosa (Taiwan), the documentation authorizing the Medal was lost. It was finally confirmed in 1974 and awarded posthumously to General Chennault. Since then it has gradually caught up with the others entitled to the honor.

September 5, 2009

Hi Tom

Thank you for all your hard work on this. I have the attached photo of my dad, mother sister and me in Calcutta approximately 1945. I also included a travel letter that helps understanding the dates and circumstances.

I have 3 copies of Wings Over Asia the CNAC association periodical and something called a “short snorter ticket” this is a roll of paper currency with dates and names and some other comments. It was part of the period, but I’m not sure of its purpose.

Bill Van Cleve

left to right
Lucille Marie "Lu.Lu.", Bill, Geri and George Van Cleve
Calcutta - about 1945

Here's a closer look at those faces in time

(here's that letter from C.L. Sharp)

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