(Food Manager at the Staff House)
(1944 - 194?)

In the 1943-45 log book of Don McBride, Mary Margaret gave her address as:

Mary Margaret Pottschmidt
Chatham Hill
Wenatchee. Washington

Peg and Billy McDonald's in Shanghai - 1947
The Watson's and the McDonald's had divided up a large apartment and they had a shared kitchen with separate living areas.
Kitty is in the center seated.
Standing at the far left is Mary Margaret Pottschmidt
Not sure of the others, but on the back of the picture:
MM Maxi Smith
Joe Honeycutt
Bill Snag(sp?)

May 21, 2007

Tom --

I knew Mary Margaret very well and she did indeed work for CNAC. We traveled to Calcutta on the same plane and she worked as a food manager (I guess you would call it that) in the Staff House. She was very energetic and certainly very capable. As you know, her husband "Potty" was a CNAC pilot. I have a picture of her if you would like to have it..

Alice (Knight)

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