Lewis Lorenzo Scott and Frankie Frazier

Frankie 1886-1926 *** Lewis 1884-1938

Frankie, Lewis and Val
Lois and Carlos
Somewhere in Texas about 1909

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Lewis Lorenzo Scott was born on October 4, 1884, in Corinth, Alcorn County, Mississippi, to James A. and Mary Ann (Byrd) Scott. Frankie Frazier was born on February 26, 1886, in Hunt County, Texas, to Franklin Pierce and Martha Eleanor (Miller) Frazier.

Lewis and Frankie were married on November 27, 1904, in Chillicothe, Hardeman County, Texas. Eleven children were born to Frankie and Lewis. Val Frazier, Rita Lois, Carlos Lewis, Nada Carmen, Emil Sylvan, Clifford, Susan Oleta, "Baby Girl", Ruby Winona, Marguerite Frances and Homer Thomas. Clifford died one day short of his first birthday. "Baby Girl" died shortly after birth. All the other children lived on to adulthood.

Frankie died May 17, 1926 in Jourdanton, Atascosa, Texas. Lewis Lorenzo died December 4, 1938, in Jourdanton, Atascosa, Texas. They are both buried in Jourdanton, Texas.

As of March 2001, Lewis and Frankie have many decedants. Eleven Children, ?? grandchildren, ??? great-grandchildren, ??? great-great-grandchildren. Check back for the real totals as they are tallyed.

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