WONG TSU (1893 - 1965)
(CNAC 1929 - 1934 AND 1945 - 1949)

Click here for a special presentation by Boeing on the life of Wong Tsu, that was held August 22, 2005.

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Wong Tsu - 1916
(Photo Courtesy of Key Donn)

There is a new book, called Missy's China, Letters from Hangchow 1934-1937 ( Old China Hand Press, Hong Kong 2008) edited by Tess Johnston. The book contains the correspondence of Doris ("Missy") Arnold. She was the wife of George Arnold who in this period was the manager of the Central Aircraft Manufacturing Company (CAMCO) at Hangchow. There is a picture of Wong Tsu and his wife on the cover with Missy Arnold and other photos inside as well as many many references to him in Missy's correspondence.

Andy Tung tells me that Col. Wong Tsu was CNAC's CEO and in the absence of Managing Director P.Y. Wong Col Tsu would assume the position of Managing Director. Also, according to Bond's book Col. Tsu was also CNAC's Chief Engineer. See Wings for an Embattled China by W. Langhorne Bond, pages 59 and 175.

Mr. Wong Tsu and Mrs. Wong in front of China National Aviation Corporation
(Photo Courtesy of Key Donn)

Mr. and Mrs. Wong with friend Miss Chen in Tainan, Taiwan.
(Photo Courtesy of Key Donn)

August 27, 2001

Is this the same Col. Wong Tsu, the same person as Tsu Wang (Wong Tsu spelling) aeronautical engineer, who in 1917 helped William Boeing design the Model C airplane for the Boeing Airplane Co. for the US Navy? He was a graduate of MIT, Boston and Armstrong Technical College in London.
Thanks in advance if you have any information.
Mick Matsuzawa
(NOTE: Yes, this is the same person.)

November 24, 2004

Wong Tsu was the first ever engineer in Boeing company and we will have his story display permanently in Museum of Flight next Spring. There are a lot of CNAC Chinese staffs worked with Wong Tsu during 1945-49 period. Are they interested to participate the dedication ceremony ?


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And more from Key Donn...

December 22, 2004

Dear Mr. Tseng,

Museum of flight in Seattle will dedicate Wong Tsu display around May 15th, 2005. I hope some CNAC staff can participate the event. MoF doesn't have the exact date yet. The firm date will be finalize in January. I will keep you posted.

Bob Sherwood (CNAC pilot) in Bellingham will attend the event if his health permit at that time. I had very good conversation with his wife. There are also some professors of National Cheng Kung University from Tainan, Taiwan will attend this event. Mr. Wong Taught in the university for almost ten years.

Since Wong Tsu is the very first engineer of Boeing company, Boeing will help to make this event grander. I hope some of your friends in Bay area can come to celebrate Wong Tsu's story finally get in MoF.

Attached (wongtsu01.pdf) is an article about Wong Tsu with some photos.

Key Donn

Another note from Key Don...
April 6, 2005

Hello, Finally Museum of Flight decided the dedication day for Wong Tsu's display will be on 6/18/2005. If you have any quest would like to receive an invitation from Museum of Flight directly, please sent me the name, title, and address. Thanks.

Key Donn
Phone :(206)898-5085

more from Key Donn...
April 27, 2005

Carey (Bowles),

After several years efforts, Society of Chinese American Aerospace Engineers (SCAAE) and Boeing Association of Asian Pacific Americans (BAAPA) finally pushed Wong Tsu's story into Museum of Flight in Seattle. SCAAE and BAABA will dedicate this historical event on 6/18/2005. Wong Tsu was sit-in CEO of CNAC during 1949 period. C K Tseng and Moon Chin are very excited about this event. If their health condition are good enough, they would like to came to witness their formal leader's personal story get into Museum of Flight. I am sure there are many of your members would like to hear this good news. Would you please help spread the words and extend our invitation to welcome their participation? Thank you very much. Attached are announcements from Museum of Flight about Wong Tsu's event.

(NOTE: I'm working at getting these files downloaded. Tom Moore)

(COMING SOON RED BARN.pdf) (Aloft Boeing Story article.pdf)

Key Donn

June 10, 2005

Dear Mr. Moore, Yes, on June 18th, 2005, Wong Tsu's story and a 18" x 24" bronze portrait of Wong Tsu will be displayed in Renewed Red Barn. Wong Tsu's story is part of The Boeing Story: 19161934. Museum of flight want only emphasis Bill Boeing on June 18, the Red Barn reopening day, and encourage us to move Wong Tsu's dedication celebration to a later date.

In honor with Museum of Flight's request and to invite some of the Boeing customers and suppliers from Taiwan and mainland China, we decided to move the Wong Tsu dedication to early August, 2005. Once the date is decided, we will let you know right away.

Thank you again for helping us to pass on Wong Tsu's story. Please don't hesitate to email or call me if you have question or concerns.

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