PAUL J. SOHA (1919 - 1991)
(CNAC June 1945 - May 1947)

Using the Social Security Death Index I did find a Paul J. Soha who was born July 6, 1919 and died November 16, 1991. No last residence was given. His Social Security Card was issued in Michigan.

I had some trouble finding the correct spelling of "Soha", but thanks to his nephew, we now have it correct (see below). Thanks Paul.

November 9, 2007

Paul Soha was his name...proper spelling. I know because he was my uncle. My name is Paul J. Soha also, and I had the good fortune to know and fly airplanes with him. He spent a good portion of his flying career overseas in the middleast...chief pilot for ammoco.

Paul Soha

Do you know or remember the men in this photo?
We need the correct spelling for Luei.
We have what I think is the correct names and spellings for:
Preston Moore
Everett Gardner
and S.A. Miller

January 18, 2009

Mr. Moore,

Yes my father was Paul J. Soha. As far as I can tell he was with CNAC from June of 1945 to May of 1947. My mother joined him sometime during that time. My mother was the one who usually told us stories of being in China. When reading the stories of the December 1946 accidents the name Tommy Wing seemed familiar, like he was a friend of theirs. My younger sister, Vachel Rice, was the one who found the web site. As I said the recent landing of the U.S. Airways jet in the Hudson river had us thinking about the story of the crash where the sole survivor was a child that had been thrown from the plane. We started wondering what had become of him. We were just kids when the stories were told to us so at least for myself I did not appreciate the importance and history of what was said. I know over the years some of the details have been forgotten or misconstrued. Now that our parents have passed away we can not go back and ask to hear the stories of partying with the Australians, or riding around in a jeep that a friend had obtained by other than honest means, or the night that a lot of very good people lost their lives. The CNAC web site gave me a connection with my parents and a better understanding and appreciation for what my father did.

Thank you again for the web site. If there is any other information I can provide please don't hesitate to contact me.

Daran P. Soha

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