"Preston" or "Press"

(CNAC 1946? - 1949?)
(Captain - ???)
(Hump Flights - XXX)

From the Last Roster of CNAC Pilots, 2 April 1949:
Moore, A.P.
1162 Ave Joffre, Apt. 303

(NOTE: this would have been in Hong Kong)

From a 1960-62 CNAC Personell List:
Moore, Preston p (p = pilot)
Woodbury Forest, VA.
(NOTE: Woodberry Forest (Madison County) is the correct spelling)

From a 1965 list:
Moore, Alfred P. ("Press")

From a CNAC Mailing List, February 5, 1979:
Preston Moore
Woodberry Forest, Virginia 22989

left to right
"Three pilots before take off at Lungwha airport in Shanghai - 1948"
Preston Moore, Lopez Mantoux and Jerry Shrawder
(Photo Courtesy of the Shrawder's)

Do you know or remember the men in this photo?
We need the correct spelling for Paul Soha/Soho/Sona and Luei.
We have what I think is the correct names and spellings for:
Preston Moore
Everett Gardner
and S.A. Miller

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