ANDRE A. PRIESTER (1890(?)-1955)

(PAA 1927 - December 1955)

"Aviation is not in itself inherently dangerous. But to an even greater extent than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity, or neglect.", posted on the office of Andre Priester, first head of Pan Am's flight operations.

In 1934 people thought it was virtually impossible to cross the Pacific by air, but Juan Trippe saw a way to do it. Through the use of the famous Clipper Flying Boats, Trippe achieved the impossible, and started the worlds first trans-atlantic flights to europe, asia, and south america. Pan Am achieved great heights with the help of pilots like Charles Lindbergh, who opened many early routes, and hero pilot Eddie Musick, who pioneered routes across the Pacific, and not to mention Andre Priester, the engineering marvel behind the early flying boats.

For some additional details, see Wings for an Embattled China by W. Langhorne Bond, page 103-4.

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