(CNAC February 1931 - 1945)
(Hump Flight - 101+)

Vice-President and Director of CNAC until 1945 when he returned to PAA as Vice-President, Orient PAA.


Mr. Bond's writings about his time with CNAC have just been published.
Wings for an Embattled China, (2001)
by W. Langhorne Bond, Edited by James E. Ellis.

(April 26, 1937)

(Souviner Programme)

(Center Spread)

(Please note that Mr. W.L. Bond was one of the guest speakers)


The above programme was sent in this envelope.

Does anyone know how to contact the sender "Nason L. Zee"
or the receiver, "Dr. F.J. Pond" or the families of these persons?
How about the Institute where Dr. Pond worked???
(Programme and envelope Courtesy of Tom Moore)

W.L. Bond - Probably Shanghai around 1936
(Photo Courtesy of Michael Smith, grandson of V. Eddie Smith)

The Bond Family
left to right
Mr. Bond, sons and wife, Kitsy
(Courtesy of Shirley Mosley, daughter of Oscar Wilke)

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