HONG MOON CHEN (1908 - 2009)
"H.M. Chen" or "H. Moon Chen"

(CNAC 1936 - 193?)
(Hump Flights XXX))

(Eve Coulsen found this card in some of Reg Farrar's stuff.)

February 25, 2014
My father took flying lessons at the Roosevelt Flying School in New York and in 1936 got his "wings" as a commercial pilot. That's when he went to Shanghai, interviewed with CNAC, went for a test flight, and got hired. His start date with CNAC would be 1936, but I don't know what his end date was, so his time with CNAC could be shown as '36 - ?.
(Bill is the son of H. Moon Chen)

January 12, 2008

Hi Tom,

I met H. Moon Chen in Washington DC. He is in the picture that appears now on the Wong Tsu page that I sent you (Moon identified himself as the small man at the back next to Bill Pawley).

Moon is 100 years old but very clear and was fascinating. I will send him a note to see if he gives permission for me to update, on his behalf, the bio that you have on the website.



CAMCO and Intercontinent Corporation, Loiwing factory - 1939

(Photo courtesy of Bruce Gardner Leighton courtesy of his grand daughter Eugenie Buchan)

left to right
unknown, Bill Pawley, unknown, Moon Chen, Wong Tsu, unknown, unknown, unknown, Ed Pawley, unknown and C.W. Hunter

May 3, 2001
Your CNAC Web Editor talked with Moon this afternoon and will be writing to him and hopefully will be able to add more to his page as he provides information and hopefully photos. Moon is 94 year old. WOW!!!! Except for hard of hearing he sounded great.

September 10, 2001
From Teh T. Chen
"H.M. Chen or H. Moon Chen -- Never checked out as Captain in CNAC. Joined Pawley's outfit & then U.S. Army. Frieda knew H. Moon in Chicago but saw him only a couple of times in China."

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His favorite favorite song was the University of Michigan Fight song -- "Hail to the Victors"
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