CLINTON M. MANGUN, JR. (1918-2002)

(CNAC April 1944 - August 14, 1945)

In the 1943-45 log book of Don McBride, Don listed his home address as:

Clinton M Mangun Jr.
c/o Mrs. Mary E Mangun
P.O. Box 13
Ray, Arizona

Clinton Mangun was a mechanic in Calcutta, Dinjan, Shanghai and Peking.

September 2, 2002

Hello Tom!
I was pleasantly surprised when my brother alerted me of Mac's web page. Mac would have been extremely pleased that someone took the time to do such a thoughtful thing. Thank you.

The dates that Mac was with CNAC were April 1944 to August 14, 1945. These are dates that the Air Force recognized to make him a vet. He worked for Pan American World Airways as a mechanic and quality control for 39 1/2 years. He retired in 1981.

Wanda, Mac and Gary
Miami, Florida - 1954

We lived in Rio de Janeiro, England and Afghanistan while employed by Pan Am. In 1957, Mac and a small group from Pan Am set up the Afghan Airline - Ariana which I believe is still flying. Mac considered himself an international bum.

Mac passed away after a long bout with prostate cancer on January 18, 2002 at the age 84. We miss him.

I will look forward to your e-mails. If there is anything else I can help your with - let me know.

Wanda Mangun

P.S. Mac wrote his own history:

1. The beginning of my Life’s Journey 02
2. Mexico 20
3. Lockheed 29
4. New York 32
5. Belem to Brazil 34
6. San Salvador to Bahia 48
7. Calcutta 56
8. Dinjan 58
9. Kunming 74
10. Tour 78
11. Peking 83
12. Shanghai 86
13. Manila – Guan – Honolulu 89
14. San Francisco – New York 91

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