HARRY G. KASIN (1903 - 1981)
(CNAC 1929 - 19??)

Harry G. Kasin
Probably Shanghai - 1929 or 1930
(The photos on this page are courtesy of Harry's grandson, Andrew Kasin)

"Operators for China National Aviation Corporation
(Formerly Aviation Exploration, Inc.)"
Chung-kuo-fu-yung-kung-szc, 3 Canton Road.
Nineteen employees are listed here.
(Courtesy of Joy P, granddaughter of Charles Delay)

Minard Hamilton
Harry G. Smith
Ernest M. Allison
James F. Hayden
Oscar C. Wilke
Charles J. DeLay
John Riner
Harry G. Kasin
J.P. Johansen
C. Ray Ott
A.R. St. Louis
Karl Trousdale
C.G.G. Connolly
R.W. Weaver
J.B. Knox
Francis Hager
Miss Ethel Remer but the last mane may be "Reimers"
N.L. Wong

October 29, 2005

Dear: Editor

I recently visited your website and noticed some information posted on it from the grandson of Charles DeLay and it said that if anyone had any information about him to e-mail the Editor. So I am writing this e-mail to see if there is anyway that you could put me in touch with his grandson. I am the grandson of Harry Kasin who for a period of time (I am not sure how long) was partners with Charles DeLay. I know this because I have pictures of the two of them together in China and on the back of one of the pictures it says "Charley DeLay My partner".

Thank you for your time.


Andrew Kasin
E-mail ABK776@aol.com

December 10, 2005


I have attached some pictures to this e-mail which I think you will find interesting. Some of the pictures have my grandfather Harry Kasin in them and some have Charles Delay in them.

Harry Kasin and Unknown

Charles De Lay and Harry Kasin

Unknown, Harry Kasin, Unknown, Eloise Hayden, Charley De Lay and Unknown

Harry Kasin, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown and Eloise Hayden

Harry Kasin

As far as information about my grandfather’s time in China I am sorry but I only know a little about that. I know that August 1, 1929 he was hired as a mechanic by Aviation Exploration Inc, and Oscar C. Wilke signed his contract as a witness.

I also have information in Chinese and an English interpretation which says that he was employed by the China National Aviation Corporation as a pilot on route between Shanghai and Hankow via Nanking.

(NOTE: Wang Pei-chun and WANG PO_CHUN is the same person)

I also know that while he was in China he worked on Loening aircraft and he was in communication with them through mail. When he returned to the United States he worked for Grumman for many years. If you are interested in his time at Grumman my father knows a lot about that. I am sorry I do not have any more information for you. I hope to hear back from you soon.


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