John was Canadian and the head of the Canadian Pacific Steamship Company in Manila.

John is mentioned in Robin Prising's book, "Manila Goodbye" as "a magnificent gourment". He died of starvation after having lost 150 pounds.

January 14, 2007

Dear Maurice,

I only wish that I had more concrete knowledge of old Uncle John Roy Shaw, who were close friends of my parents. I remember him and his wife Jessie living in their suite at the Manila Hotel with their green Parrot of extraordinary vile temper and how I was much amused by its squawks. The Shaws were both extremely fat! Aunt Jessie died shortly before the war. I remember our house-boy Alfredo answering the telephone and breaking the news. Dare I confess that I had dreamt of it the night before?-I must have overheard something in conversation between my parents. Years later one of the readers of my book told me that the Shaws 'cheated at cards'! Both were inveterate bridge players. My parents, however, avoided card games. Everything else is in "Manila, Goodbye". Sorry not to be more helpful as I especially appreciate the fine work that Tom has been doing and the help you have been giving him.

My best ever,


January 15, 2007

Hilloo, Tom,

About a photograph of the Shaws: Most likely the dear Canadian Pacific Steamship archives, possibly the Manila Hotel if their archives survived the burning of Manila, in which case one might see Uncle John and Aunt Jessie dining! He had a medium-size moustache and generally bald head and otherwise physically resembled, obviously, Sydney Greenstreet. Aunt Jessie, equally large, had somewhat of a Buffalo hump. She looked a little like Elsa Maxwell in later life. They might be caught in a group picture. Of course they might be just beside or just behind General MacArthur.

Have still not received word from the Pentagon about John A. Anderson (I wrote a month ago). When I do, I shall be sending you the addition for the Perkins-Anderson site, Sadly, neither Dora nor Sheila survive, I've recently discovered. I have their certificates.

Really do mean that about the fine work you're doing!

Always, my best, to you & Clark,


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