Frederic William Prising (born in San Francisco on July 4, 1876 - died in Manila in 1954)
Marie Leslie Prising (born in Bristol, England in 1883 - died in Tucson, Arizona on June 7, 1963)
Robin Prising (born March 12, 1933 in Vancouver, Canada and died in New York City December 14, 2008)

F. W. Prising, Manila, ca. 1914

Prising Tobacco Products, 25 Escolta, Manila, ca. 1920

February 5, 2007

I am sending you a photo for the Prising family website. It's from March 1934 and I am one year old. I was born in Vancouver, Canada, and Mother took me for adoption there in September of 1933.* This picture was presumably in the Manila papers in March of 1934 when the adoption was made final [in Spanish in the Manila Court].

Robin and Marie Prising
Manila - 1934

1937 - Robin and friend on Dewey Boulevard
The Prising's lived in the bungalow on the far right.
(Photo Courtesy of Robin Prising)

Robin and cub
Rome - 1965

(front of dust jacket)
(published in 1975)

(back of dust jacket)

Frederic William Prising
Prisoner of War - Japanese photo
(Courtesy of Robin Prising)

Marie Leslie Prising, under house arrest, 1942 (photostat)
She was an expert smuggler of medicine and food into Santo Tomas throughout the war.
(Courtesy of Robin Prising)

F. W. Prising, Judge of the Races, Manila Jockey Club, 1917-1953

(Letter from Dr. Beulah Allen)

(Letter from Frederic Stevens)

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