October 16, 2005

Hi. My name is Steve Haley. I live in San Diego. Last year I read the book, "Ghost Soldiers". Wow. I enjoy reading about military history, but that book blew my mind. Later I come to realize that my great uncle, SSgt Lee Marion Jermstad, died in Camp O'Donnell on June 4, 1942. I knew he died in WW2, and had even heard it was during the Bataan Death March, but until my aunt began working on a genealogy book for our family, I had no idea that he was at Camp O'Donnell. I would like to enter his name for your list and was wondering if you or anyone you know, knew him or of him and had any info. All we really know is he was an aircraft mech., and apparently died from malnutrition/dysentary. Thanks.

S. Haley
E-mail Srhinodc3@aol.com

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