Wilber James Bunnell
Gladys Alexander Bunnell

While in Santo Tomas, Gladys was living in Room 19 with Georgi Scott and Frances Long.

January 22, 2005

Gladys and Bunny (nick name) were friends of the Weinzheimer family since I was 4 years old. They are the God parents of my brother, Walter, who lives in Hawaii.

They were the most sweetest and wonderful friends one would ever want to have. I believe Bunny worked for Goodyear or Goodrich. I always get those two mixed up. They hailed from Akron, Ohio and both had large families, but no children of their own.

As a child I loved Bunny's given name which was Wilberforce, and teased him and laughed each time it rolled off my tongue. He always was a great sport about it.

During camp, he found out that he had a talent he didn't know he had - that of wood carving. He carved beautiful pieces .Most were busts of Gladys and some children. He couldn't make them too large as we didn't have that kind of wood available.

They were very devoted to each other, loved their Burbon Old Fashions and were terribly generous to everyone. They were soft spoken and loved a naughty joke with the rest of them.

After the war, we all settled in the Bay Area, they down at Menlo Park. We always were invited to their home over the New Years Holidays and spent the Eve celebrations always at Ramor Oaks, Gladys Savary's restaurant. Gladys and Bunny always saw to it I had a date for the evening as I was home from college in Missouri. There were always plenty of young men available as they were all home from school for the holidays.

We were friends for many years even after they moved to Roosmoor Leisure World in Walnut Creek. They were one of the mainstays in our lives.

Sascha Jean Jansen

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