(these items are note for sale)


- "20 hrs. 40 min."
by Amelia Earhart (1928, dj)

by Leatrice R. Arakaki and John R. Kuborn (1991, signed by Mr. Kuborn)(booklet)

- "ADDRESS" (pamphlet) by Charles A. Lindbergh (New York, April 23, 1941)

- "Aerophilatelic Flights Hawaii & Central Pacific 1913-1946" by L.J. Crampon (November 1980, inscribed by Lillian Crampon. L.J. "Jack" Crampon's wife.)(booklet)

- Age of Heroes by Henri Kayzer-Andre with Hy Steirman (1st, 1993, dj, inscribed)

- "The Air Force Communications Command: 1938-1986 An Illustrated History" (1986) AFCC Office of History Scott AFB, IL ( For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402

- "Air Force Heritage" by General Merrill A. McPeak, Air Force Chief of Staff (no date, but probably 1995)

- "AIR MAIL an illustrated history 1793-1981" by Donald B. Holmes (1st, 1981, dj)

- "Allan and Brenda on a Clipper" by Joyce Newbill Martin (1st?, 1942, dj)

- "Amelia Earhart" by Blythe Randolph (1st, 1987, dj)

- "Amelia Earhart Lives" by Joe Klass (1st 1970, dj)

- "Amelia Earhart Returns From Saipan" by Joe Davidson (1st, 1969, dj, inscribed)

- "American Guerrilla My War Behind Japanese Lines" by Roger Hilsman (1st, 1990, dj, inscribed)

- "American Guerrilla in the Philippines" by Ira Wolfert (1908 - )
(1945, dj, inscribed by Iliff "Rich" Richardson and Ira Wolfert)

- "The American Heritage History of Flight" by the Editors of American Heritage
(1962, in a slip cover)

- "The American Military and the Far East - from the Proceedings of the Ninth Military Symposium USAF Academy 1980"

- "The American President Lines and Its Forebears 1848-1984" by John Niven (1st?, 1987, dj)

- "An American Saga Juan Trippe and His Pan Am Empire" by Robert Daley (1st, 1980, dj)

- "Americans Valiant and Glorious The Flying Tigers" (1st-1945) by William D. Pawley, given to me by Mrs. William D. (Edna) Pawley, 3-25-96.(booklet)

- "Annual Pictorial Magazine of the Flying Tigers of the 14th Air Force Association 1991"

- "As He Saw It" by Elliott Roosevelt (1st, 1946, signed)

- "Aviation In China" (Information Bulletin, Volume III, Number 12, May 1, 1937, Published by the Council of International Affairs, Nanking, China)
This booklet was published the Spring before the Rape of Nanking.

- "The Battle For Manila" by Richard Connaughton, John Pimlott and Duncan Anderson (1st, 1995, dj)

- "Before Bataan and After" by Frederic S. Marquardt (1st, 1943, dj)

- "Behind Japanese Lines" by Ray C. Hunt & Bernard Norling (1st, 1986, dj)

- "Between The Elephant's Eyes!" by Col Robert L. Scott (1st, 1954, dj, inscribed)

- "Beyond Lion Rock - The Story of Cathay Pacific Airways" by Gavin Young (1928- ) (1988, dj)

- "Bombs Over Burma" by Wilfred G. Burchett (1st, 1944, dj)
(Emil - page 31)

- "Bread Upon the Waters" by Bernard N. Bancroft (1st, 1959, dj, signed)

- "The Brereton Diaries" by Lewis H. Brereton, Lieutenant General, U.S.A.
(1st 1946, dj)

- "Burma Road" by Nicol Smith (1st, 1940, inscribed)

- "Burma Surgeon" by Gordon S. Seagrave (1897-deceased )(1st, 1943, dj, inscribed)

- "Burma The Untold Story" by Won-Loy Chan (1914- ) (1st, 1986, dj, inscribed)

- "By Sun and Star" by Vanya Oakes (1st, 1948, dj)

- "Chennault" by Jack Samson (1st, 1987, dj, inscribed)
(Emil Scott mentioned on page 41)

- "Chennault And The Flying Tigers" by Anna Chennault (1st, 1963, dj, signed)

- "CHENNAULT of the Flying Tigers" by Sam Mims (Second Printing, 1943, dj)

- "CHENNAULT Giving Wings to the Tiger" by Martha Byrd (1930-19??) (1st, 1987, dj)

- "Chennault's Flying Tigers 1941-1942" Vol I and II (1st , 1982 and 1983, no dj issued)

- "Chennaultís Flying Tigers World War II 50th Anniversary"
Editor, Wayne G. Johnson (Limited Edition, 1996, inscribed by Wayne G. Johnson)

- Chiang Kai-Shek by Hollington K. Tong (2nd, 1953, inscribed)

- "Chiang Kai-shek An Unauthorized Biography" by Emily Hahn (1st, 1955, dj)

- "The Chiangs of China" by Elmer T. Clark (1st?, 1943, dj)

- "China And The Soviet Union A Study of Sino-Soviet Relations" by Aitchen K. Wu, Ph.D. (London, 1950)

- "China at War" by Freda Utley (1st, 1939, dj)

- "China Clipper The Age of the Great Flying Boats" by Robert L. Gandt (1st, 1991, dj, inscribed)

- "China Fights For The World" by J. Gunnar Andersson (England 1939, dj)

- China Fights On by Pan Chao-Ying (Stephen C.Y. Pan) (1945, dj, inscribed)

- "China Handbook 1937-1943"
Compiled by The Chinese Ministry of Information, Editor-in-Chief Hollington K. Tong (1st, 1943)

- "The China Hands: Americaís Foreign Service Officers and What Befell Them" by E. J. Kahn, Jr.(1916-1994?)
(1st, 1975, dj)

- "The China National Aviation Corporation an Affiliated Company of Pan American Airways System" by Kenneth E. Folsom (19??- ), A Senior Thesis from Princeton, April, 1943 (inscribed, bound paper)
(Emil on page 2)

- "China Pilot Flying for Chiang and Chennault" by Felix Smith (1st, 1995, inscribed)

- "China Skies to Outer Space A Brief History of the 14th Air Force 'Flying Tigers'", prepared by 14CIO, Illustrations and Layout by A1C Wm. Gray (no date)(booklet)

- "China - Star of Asiaís Drama" by Carroll Lunt (1942, dj, inscribed)

- "The China Tangle" by Herbert Feis (1st, 1953, dj)

- "China The Remembered Life" by Paul Frillmann (1912-1972) and Graham Peck (1914- )
(1st, 1968, dj) (inscribed by Mrs. Paul (Louise) Frillmann)

- "China To Me" by Emily "Mickey" Hahn (1905-1997)
(1st, 1944, dj, inscribed by Emily Hahn and her daughter Carola Boxer Vecchio)

- "China Today: Aviation Industry" published by the Chinese Social Science Press (1989, dj)

- "China's Long March 6,000 Miles of Danger" by Jean Fritz (1st, 1988, dj)

- "The Chosen Instrument Juan Trippe Pan Am The Rise and Fall of an American Entrepreneur"
by Marylin Bender and Selig Altschul (1st, 1982, dj, inscribed by Marylin Bender)

- "Claire L. Chennault A Tribute" by Malcom Rosholt (1st, 1983, softcover, signed by Malcom Rosholt, inscribed by Sebie Biggs Smith, with Sebie's notes and also inscribed by Anna Chennault)

- "Claire Boothe Luce" by Stephen Shadegg (1st, 1970, dj, inscribed)

- "Clare Boothe Luce" by Wilfrid Sheed (1st, 1982, dj, inscribed by Clare Boothe Luce)

- "Commander of the Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault" by Joe Archibald (1898- )
(1966 - Third Printing 1967)

- "The Complete Works of O. Henry" (1936)
(signed by Lt. Emil S. Scott, Hawaiian Dept, U.S. Army Air Corps.)

- "The Concise Guide to American Aircraft of World War II" by David Mondey
(1982 - republished 1996, dj)

- "The Conquering Wing" by Grover Loening (1st, 1970, dj, inscribed)

- "The Crimson Alibi" by Octavus Roy Cohen (1910) (owned and signed by S.E. Scott)

- "Crack Up!" a novel by Dana Bartlett (1st?, 1934, dj)

- "dateline: CHINA" by Hollington K. Tong (1950, 1st, dj, inscribed)

- "Dave Dawson with the Flying Tigers" (fiction) by R. Sidney Bowen (1st(?), 1943, dj)

- "The Day I Owned The Sky" by Robert Lee Scott (1908- ) (1st, 1988, dj, inscribed)

- "Days of the Ching Pao" by Malcolm Rosholt (1978, 4th ed.-1986, dj, inscribed)

- "DC-3" by Arthur Pearcy (1975)(booklet)

- "Deliverance At Los Banos" by Anthony Arthur (1st, 1985, dj)

- "DELTA An Airline And Its Aircraft" by R.E.G. Davies (1990, 1st, dj)

- "Destination Chungking" by Han Suyin (reprinted March 1943, dj)

- "Destiny" by Erik Shilling (1st, 1993, dj, inscribed)

- "Diamonds In The Sky" by Kenneth Hudson and Julian Pettifer (1st, 1979, dj)

- "Ding Hao" by Wanda Cornelius and Thayne Short (1980, dj, inscribed by Thayne Short)
(Emil - page 93)

- "Donald of China" by Earl Albert Selle (1906- )(1st, 1948, dj, signed)
(Georgi Scott was interned at Los Banos until the end of the War with William Donald, so too, was the Sams Family and many more.)

- "The Doolittle Raid" by Carroll V. Glines (1920- ) (1st, 1988, dj)

- Doomed At The Start by William H. Bartsch
subtitled, American Pursuit Pilots in the Philippines, 1941-1942 (1st, 1992, dj, inscribed by the author and inscribed by someone who was there, Walt Regehr)

- "The Dragonís Wings" by Professor William Matthew Leary (1934- ) (1st, 1976, dj, inscribed)
(Emil Scott mentioned on page 182)

- Early Airmail Service Of China (1920-1941) by Chang Zengshu (1st, 1993, dj)

- "The Education of Anna" by Anna Chennault (1st, 1980, dj, inscribed)

- "Eighteen Days" by Lieutenant Colonel D.R. Bennett R.A.P.C. (Published by the Command Pay Office Hong Kong In and of the Home of Life, Dharan, Nepal, 1976)(soft cover)

- "Escape From Hong Kong To Free China January and February, 1942" by J.S. Duff (inscribed by the author)

- "Escape to the Hills" by James and Ethel Chapman (1st, 1947, inscribed and signed by both authors)

- "Factories of Death" by Sheldon H. Harris (1st, 1994, dj)

- "The Far Horizon" by Henry Wysham Lanier (1st, 1933, dj, inscribed)

- Far on the Ringing Plains by George Rodger (1st, 1943, dj)

- "Fasten Your Seat Belts!" by Valerie Lester (1st, 1995, dj, inscribed)

- "FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL ANNUAL PICTORIAL of the FLYING TIGERS of the 14th AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION 1995" (autographed by Malcom Rosholt) (Emil - page 54)(booklet)

- "Fifty Glorious Years A Pictorial Tribute to the Douglas DC3 1935-1985"
by Arthur Pearcy (1st(?), 1985, dj)

- "First 24 Hours of War in the Pacific" by Donald J. Young (1998, dj, inscribed)

- "Flight From China" by Edna Lee Booker (1st, 1945, dj, inscribed)

- "Flight In The China Airspace" by Malcolm Rosholt (1909- )(1984, came w/o dj, signed by Malcolm, also
inscribed by Flying Tiger pilot and CNAC Captain Joe Rosbert)

- "Flying-Boats and Seaplanes" by Kenneth Munson (1st, 1971, dj)

- "Flying MacArthur to Victory" by Weldon E. Rhoades (1906-deceased)(1st 1987, dj)

- "Flying The Hump" by Otha Cleo Spencer (1920- )(1st, 1992, dj, inscribed)

- "Flying The Oceans" by Horace Brock (deceased) (1978, dj)

- "Flying Tiger A Crew Chief's Story" by Frank S. Losonsky and Terry M. Losonsky (1st?, 1996, dj, inscribed by Frank and Terry Losonsky - Father and Son)

- "Flying Tiger: Chennault of China" by Robert Lee Scott, Jr. (1908 - )(1st, 1959, dj, inscribed)

- Flying Tiger Joe's Adventure Story Cookbook by C. Joseph Rosbert (1st, 1985, dj, inscribed)

- "The Flying Tigers: The Story of An American Volunteer Group" by Russell Whelan
(I have the 6th printing by Viking Press, 1943)

- "Flying Tigers" by Daniel Ford (1931- ) (1991, dj, inscribed)

- "Flying Tigers Chennault In China" by Ronald Heiferman (1971, I sent this book to the author for his inscription.)
(given to me by Moon Chen of Chevy Chase, MD)(paperback)

- A Flying Tigerís Diary by Charles R. Bond and Terry H. Anderson (1946- ) (1st, 1984, dj, inscribed by both authors)
(Emilís funeral mentioned, but not his name on page 128)

- "The Flying Tigers" by John Toland (1963)

- "For Pilotsí Eyes Only" by Ned Wilson (1st, 1993, dj, inscribed)

- Forbidden Family - A Wartime Memoir of the Philippines 1941-1945 by Margaret Sams (1916- )
(1st, 1989, dj, inscribed)

- "Foulois And The U.S. Army Air Corps 1931-1935 (The United States Air Force General Histories)" (1983) by John F. Shiner

- "Fourteenth Air Force Association" (brochures) (VOL. I. NO. 1, April 1948 and VOL. I. NO. 2, August 1948)

- "Franklin D. Roosevelt and American Foreign Policy, 1932-1945" by Robert Dallek
(1979, softcover-1981, inscribed)

- "From Emperor to Citizen The Autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi" (1906-1967) 1986 Third Printing (2 Vols., djís)

- "From Crate To Clipper" by William S. Grooch (1st, 1939, dj)

- "From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor" by Jerry Della Femina (1st, 1970, dj)

- "The Fun Of It" by Amelia Earhart (3rd printing, 1932, signed, with recording)

- "GENERAL Chiang Kai-shek" by General and Madame Chiang Kai-shek (1937, dj)

- "Gentle Tigress" by C. O. Lamp (1980, inscribed by C.O. and Dothe Yuen)

- "German Secret Weapons of World War II" by I.V. Hogg (1st, 1970, dj)

- "Global Mission" by H.H. Arnold, General of the Air Force (1st, 1949, dj, inscribed)

- God Is My Co-Pilot by Col. Robert L. Scott (1908- ) (1944, dj, inscribed)

- "The Good Man of Nanking The Diaries of John Rabe", Translated by John E. Woods and Edited by Erwin Wickert (1st American Edition, 1998, dj)

- "Half a World Away" by Frances Long (1st {WAR EDITION}, 1943, dj)
HELP!! Frances Long was interned at Santo Tomas in 1942 and repatriated and sailed home in 1943 on the S.S. Gripsholm. Does anyone out there know where Frances Long is today?

- "Hawaii Under The Rising Sun, Japanís Plans for Conquest After Pearl Harbor" by John J. Stephan (1984, dj)

- "Herman the German" by Gerhard Neumann (1917 - 1997)
(1st, 1984, dj, inscribed by Gerhard's wife, Clarice Neumann)

- "Hidden Horrors" by Yuki Tanaka (2nd, 1996, dj)

- "The Hidden Years" by John Luff (Published and Printed by South China Morning Post, Limited, Hong Kong,1967)

- "Himalayan Rogue" by Peter J. Goutiere (2nd Printing, 1998, inscribed)

- "History of the United States Army in Hawaii 1849 to 1939"
by William C. Addleman (Lieutenant AGD-Res)
(1st, 1939 or 1940, stiffboards, inscribed)

- "Hong Kong Aftermath" by Wenzell Brown (1st, 1943, dj, inscribed)

- "Hong Kong Annual Report 1959" (dj)

- "Hong Kong Holiday" by Emily Hahn (1st, 1946, dj, inscribed)

- "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" by Victor Hugo (signed by Emil S. Scott)

- "I Escaped From Hong Kong" by Jan Henrik Marsman (1st, 1942, dj)

- "I Flew For China" by Royal Leonard (1905-1962) (1943, dj, inscribed by Royal's son, Royal Leonard)
(Although Royal was best man at Emil and Bettyís wedding, there is no mention of Emil or Betty in Royalís book.)

- I Witness by Norman Alley (1895 - 1981) (1st, 1941, inscribed)

- In Memoriam The Free World Mourns President Chiang Kai-shek
(1st, 1975(?), slipcover)

- "An Illustrated History of Seaplanes and Flying Boats" by Maurice Allward (1st, 1981, dj)

- "Infamy Pearl Harbor and its Aftermath" by John Toland (1st, 1982, dj, signed)


- "The International Development of China" (1928?) by Sun Yat-sen

- "INTO THE TEETH OF THE TIGER" by Donald S. Lopez (1923- ) (1st, 1986, inscribed) (paperback)

- "Invasion Diary" (1944) by Richard Tregaskis (1916-1973)

- "The Iron Gates of Santo Tomas" by Emily Van Sickle (1st, 1992, dj)

- "Iíve Seen The Best Of It" by Joe Alsop (1910-1992) (1992, dj)

- "Japan At War An Oral History" by Haruko Taya Cook & Theodore F. Cook (1st, 1992, dj)

- "Journey Among Warriors" by Eve Curie (1904- ) (1st, 1943, dj, inscribed)
(Ms Curie is the daughter of Marie Curie - discoverer of radium)

- "Journey From The East" by Mark J.Gayn (1909- )(1st, 1944, dj)

- "The Joy Luck Club" (fiction) by Amy Tan (1st, 1989, dj)

- KAI TAK A History of Aviation in Hong Kong by Peter Pigott (1st, no publish date)

- "Keeping Fit For Flying An Analysis of Important Factors Influencing the Health and the Efficiency of Civil Airmen by Pan American Airways System", foreword by Andre A. Priester, Vice President and Chief Engineer (1st, 1943, softback)

- "Kennedyís Hawaiian Air" by Ray Thiele (1st, 1994, inscribed) (paperback)

- "Kindred of the Dust" by Peter B. Kyne
(1920, signed by Lt. E. S. Scott US Army Air Corps)

- "The Kitchen Godís Wife" (fiction) by Amy Tan (1st, 1991, dj)

- "The Lady and the Tigers" by Olga Greenlaw (19??-1983) (1943, 2nd printing SEP Ď43)
(Emil - pages 106, 171-176, 197, 202 and 230)

- "Langley Field The Early Years" by Robert I. Curtis, John Mitchell and Martin Copp (1st, 1977) (softback)

- "Last of the Flying Clippers The Boeing B-314 Story" by M.D. Klass (1st, 1997, dj)

- "The Legacy of the DC-3" by Henry M. Holden (1st, 1996, softcover, inscribed)

- "Lend-Lease Weapon For Victory" (1944) by E.R. Stettinius, Jr.

- "Leopards In The Garden" by Geraldine de M.G. Acomb (no publisher, no date, inscribed)
(Geraldine is the sister of Peter J. Goutiere who wrote "Himalayan Rogue"

- "Lieutenant Ramsey's War" by Edwin Price Ramsey and Stephen J. Rivele (1st, 1990, dj, inscribed by Ed Ramsey)

- "Life And Death In Shanghai" by Nien Cheng (1915- )(1986, dj)

- "Lindbergh" by A. Scott Berg (1st, 1998, dj, inscribed)

- "The Los Banos Raid" by Lt. Gen. Edward M. Flanagan, Jr. (1921- )
(1st, 1986, dj, inscribed to Tom Moore and Georgi Scott) (Georgi on page 252)

- "Lost Illusion" by Freda Utley (1st(?), 1948, dj, signed)

- "The Man Who Lost China" by Brian Crozier with the collaboration of Eric Chou (1st, 1976, dj)

- "The Man Who Loved Flying" by Edna May J. Hill (1st, 1995, inscribed) (paperback)

- "Manila, Goodbye" by Robin Prising (First Published 1976, copyright 1975, dj, inscribed)

- "The Marching Wind" by Leonard Clark (1st, 1954, dj)

- "The Maverick War - Chennault and the Flying Tigers" by Duane P. Schultz (1987, dj, inscribed)

- Mayling Soong Chiang by Helen Hull (1943, dj, inscribed)

- "The Men of the Burma Road" by Chiang Yee (1st, 1942, dj)

- "Milestones of Manned Flight" by Mike Spick (1st, 1994, dj)

- "A Military History of Modern China 1924-1949" by F.F. Liu (1956, 1st, dj, great inscription from Dr. Liu)
Dr. Lui knew Emil when he was a flight instructor for the Chinese Air Force in 1938 and 1939.

- "Miss U" by Margaret Utinsky (1st, 1948, dj, signed)

- "Moment In Peking A Chinese Novel" by Lin Yutang (1st, 1939, dj, signed)

- "More Than Meets The Eye" by Carl Mydans (1st, 1959, dj, inscribed)
(Georgi Scott was interned with Carl and his wife Shelley Mydans at Santo Tomas in Manila.)

- "Mr. Alaska The Chuck West Story" by Charles B. West (1st, 1985, dj, inscribed)

- "Must We Go To War" by Kirby Page (1937, dj, signed)

- "My Eighty Years In China" by George A. Fitch (1st, 1967, inscribed)

- "My Life In China 1926-1941" by Hallett Abend (1st, 1943, inscribed, dj)

- "New Horizons USA Pan American's Complete Guide To Travel In The United States" (1st Revised Edition, 1959)

- "Night Over Water" (fiction) by Ken Follett (2nd Printing, 1991, dj)

- "Nobody Said Not To Go" by Ken Cuthbertson (1st, 1998, dj, inscribed)

- "Of Flight and Life" by Charles A. Lindbergh (1st, 1948, dj)

- "Officers and Enlisted Personnel Who Have Served With U.S. Naval Group China"
by C.S. Palmer Publishing Co., 2 Marble Avenue, Pleasantville, N.Y. (194?, pamphlet)

- "The Open City" (fiction) by Shelley Smith Mydans (1st, 1945)

- "Old Leatherface of the Flying Tigers" by Keith Ayling (1st, 1945, dj)

- "Operation Lifeline" by James Lee (1947 DeLuxe Edition)

- "Out In '45 If We're Still Alive" by Frieda Magnuson (1984, softcover - front, back, inscribed)

- "Out of This World" by Lowell Thomas, Jr. (1st, 1950, dj, signed)

- "PAN AM An Airline And Its Aircraft" by R.E.G. (Ronald Edward George) Davies (1st, 1987, dj, inscribed)

- "Pan Am Gone But Not Forgotten" by Desmond Fairbairn (1st, 1997, softcover, inscribed)

- "Pan Amís First Lady" by Betty Stettinius Trippe (1996, dj)

- "Pan American Clipper Planes 1935 to 1945 Wings To The Orient A Pictorial History"
by Stan Cohen (1985, eighth printing April 1996, inscribed) (softcover)

- "Pan American's Pacific Pioneers A Pictorial History of Pan Am's Pacific First Flights 1935-1946" by Jon E. Krupnick
(1st, 1997, inscribed)

- "The Panay Incident" by Hamilton Darby Perry (1st, 1969, dj, inscribed)

- "The Panay Incident: Prelude to War" by Manny T. Koginos (1st, 1967, dj, inscribed)

- "Parade of the Dead" by John R. Bumgarner, M.D. (1st, 1995, dj, inscribed by the author and his wife, Evelyn)

- "Passenger Airliners of the United States 1926-1995" by Myron J. Smith, Jr.

- "Pearl Harbor 50th Anniversary Special Edition" The Associated Press by Sid Moody (1st, 1991, dj)

- Pearl Harbor Final Judgement by Henry C. Clausen and Bruce Lee (1st, 1992, dj, inscribed by Henry C. Clausen and Bruce Lee)

- "PEARL HARBOR STORY December 7, 1941" by Captain William T. Rice, USNR (Ret), Sixth Printing, 1970(booklet)

- "The Peninsula Hong Kong" (1996, dj) by Andreas Augustin

- "Peoples of the Philippines
Smithsonian Institution War Background Studies Number Four"
by Herbert W. Krieger (softback, 1st, November 13, 1942)

- "Perilous Missions" (1st 1984, dj) by William Leary (1934- ) (signed)

- "Personal History" by Vincent Sheean (c. 1934, 1935, 1936, dj, signed)

- "The Philippines in World War II and to Independence (December 8, 1941-July 4, 1946): An Annotated Bibliography" (booklet) by Morton J. Netzorg (1st(?), January 1977)

- "The Pictorial History of the Flying Tigers" by Larry M. Pistole (4th Printing, 1995, dj, inscribed)

- "Places of Interest in Hangchow" (pamphlet, 5 1/8" X 7ľ", 10 pages) published by
The War Area Service Corps National Military Council Shanghai Office, April, 1946

- "The Plane That Changed the World" by Douglas J. Ingells (1918 - 1992?)(1966, dj)

- "Pointie Talkie" Compiled and Printed by A.G.A.S. - O.W.I. China (4th Printing, booklet)

- "Prelude to Pearl Harbor The Air War in China 1937-1941" by Ray Wagner (1991, inscribed booklet)

- Prelude to Pearl Harbor: War in China, 1937-41 by Roy M. Stanley, II, Col. USAF (1982, dj, inscribed)

- "Prisoner of the Japs" by Gwen Dew (1907- )
(I have two copies: a 1st, 1943 with dj, and a 2nd printing, July 1943 with dj-front, dj-back, inscribed)

- "Prisoners of Santo Tomas" by Celia Lucas (1st, 1975, dj)

- "Prisoners of the Japanese" by Gavan Daws (1994, dj, inscribed)

- "Raffles Of Singapore" by Emily "Mickey" Hahn (Boxer) (1905-1997) (1st, 1946)

- "Ramparts of the Pacific" by Hallett Abend (2nd printing, 1942, inscribed)

- "The Rape of Nanking" by Iris Chang (1st, 1997, dj, inscribed)
Go to The Rape of Nanking for an overview of this story.

- "The Real Hawaii" (1905) by Lucien Young
(owned and signed by Lt. E. S. Scott -- also signed by the previous owner, E.C. Jones of Honolulu

- Recipes Out Of Bilibid Collected by Col. Halstead C. Fowler and Compiled by Dorothy Wagner (1st, 1946, dj, inscribed by Walt Regher, a POW at Bilibid)

- "Reflections of Chrystal" by Chrystal Angle (1907-2000) (Characters on cover spell "ANGLE")
(Pre-published copy, 1993, signed)

- "Reminiscences" by Douglas MacArthur (1880 - 1964) (1st, 1964, dj)

- "Report From Tokyo" by Joseph C. Crew (1880 - deceased) (1st, 1942, dj, inscribed)

- "Return Of The Tiger" by Brian Connell (English, 1960, dj)

- "Right In Her Soul The Life of Anna Lousie Strong" by Tracy B. Strong and Helene Keyssar (1st, 1983, dj)

- "The Rising Sun" by John Toland (1st, 1970, dj)

- Roar of the Tiger by James H. Howard (1st, 1991, dj, signed by 14 AVG Pilots)

- "The Role Of Defensive Pursuit: by Capt. C.L. Chennault, A.C. (1934, soft cover, cover has a date stamp indicating this copy was received March 1, 1934 at 3:45)

- "The Royal Road To Romance" by Richard Halliburton (1900-1939) (1925)

- Runway to the Sun by Col. Robert L. Scott, Jr. (1st, 1945, dj, inscribed)

- "The Saga of Pappy Gunn" by General George C. Kenney (1st, 1959, dj)

- "Santo Tomas Internment Camp" by Frederic H. Stevens (Limited Private Edition, 1946, inscribed)

- "Season Of Storms - The Siege of Hongkong 1941" by Robert L. Gandt (1982, dj, inscribed)

- "Seawings An illustrated history of flying boats" by Edward Jablonski (1st, 1974, dj, inscribed)

- "Shanghai: City For Sale" by Ernest O. Houser (1st, 1940)

- "Sian: A Coup díEtat" by Mayling Soong Chiang, "A Fortnight in Sian: Extracts From A Diary" by Chiang Kai-shek
(1st Edition , de luxe, May 1937. Sian portion signed by Mayling Soong Chiang.)

- The Sitapur Incident by Paul L. Tobey (1st, 1987)

- "The Sky Their Frontier" by Robert Jackson (1941 - )(1st, 1984, dj)

- "Skygods The Fall of Pan Am" by Robert L. Gandt (1st, 1995, dj, inscribed)

- "Skyway To Asia" by William Stephen Grooch (1st, 1936, dj, signed, great picture of the "China Clipper")

- "The Soong Dynasty" by Sterling Seagrave (1st, 1985, dj)

- "The Soong Sisters" by Roby Eunson (1st, 1975, dj)

- "The Soong Sisters" by Emily Hahn (1st, 1943, dj, inscribed and here's another inscription)

- "The Sound Of Wings The Life of Amelia Earhart" by Mary S. Lovell (1st, 1989, dj)

- "Soviet Russia In China A Summing-Up at Seventy" by Chaing Kai-shek (1st, 1957, dj)
(signed by Gladys Aylward, Mark W. Clark[General] and A. C. Wedemeyer [General Albert C.])

- "Stand By To Die" by Robert H. Myers (1st, 1985, dj)

- The Steep Ascent by Anne Morrow Lindberg (1st, 1944, dj, inscribed)

- "Stillwell And The American Experience In China 1911-45" by Barbara W. Tuchman (1970/1)

- "The Stilwell Papers" by Joseph W. Stilwell (1900-19??) (1948)

- "The Story of Amelia Earhart" by Adele de Leeuw (1st, 1955, dj)

- "The Story of Aviation" by David C. Cooke (1st, 1958, dj)
This book was signed by several people. Can you identify any of these people?
Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

- "The Stragglers" by E. H. Kahn, Jr. (1916-1994?) (1st Printing, 1962, dj)

- "The Sure Victory" by Madame Chiang Kai-shek (1st, 1955)

- "Tale of a Tiger" by Robert T. "R.T." Smith (1918-1995) (1st, 1986, signed)
(CNAC pilot "Scott" mentioned on page 221)

- "Tell MacArthur to Wait" by Ralph Emerson Hibbs, M.D. (1st, 1996, softcover, inscribed)

- "Ten Thousand Tons By Christmas" by Edwin Lee White (1st, 1970, dj, inscribed)

- "Three Came Home" by Agnes Newton Keith (1st, 1947, dj)

- "Three Year's Internment In Santo Tomas (pamphlet, 5ľ" X 7Ĺ", 62 pages)
by Evelyn M. Witthoff, M.D. and Geraldine V. Chappell, R.N. (1st, 19??)

- "Thunder Out Of China" by Theodore H. White and Annalee Jacoby (1946, dj)

- Tiger Tales An Anecdotal History of The Flying Tiger Line by LeVerne J. Moldrem
(1st, 1996, dj, signed)

- "Tigers Over Asia" by Bernard Nalty (1st, 1978, dj, inscribed)

- "A Time For War" by Robert Smith Thompson (1st, 1991, dj, inscribed)

- "The Time of the Dragons" by Alice Ekert-Rotholz (1956/7, dj)

- "Timmy Rides The China Clipper" by Carol Nay (1st, 1939, dj)

- To Air is Human by Ray Thiele (1st, 1996, softcover, inscribed by Ray's widow, Anna)

- "Tonya" by Colonel Gregory "Pappy" Boyington (1st, 1960, dj, inscribed to Jerry Hecker. A letter to Jerry Hecker accompanies this book. Can anyone identify Jerry Heckler?

- "Top Guns" by Joe Foss (1915 - ) and Matthew Brennan (1946 - )(1st 1991, dj)
(Ed Rector has a chapter in Joeís book)

- Top Side Ricksha by Harold M. Bixby (circa. 1938)

- "Trails In Philippine Skies" by Enrique B. Santos
(1st, 1981, softcover, signed by Brian Austria-Tomkins of "Anglo Philippine Aviation United Kingdom and by the author, Enrique B. Santos)
(Emil, page 261 & 267)

- "Two Kinds of Time" by Graham Peck (1st, 1950, dj)

- "The U. S. Crusade in China, 1938-1945" by Michael Schaller (1947 - ) (1st, 1979, dj)

- "Underground From Hongkong" by Benjamin A. Proulx (1st, 1943)

- "United States Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Former Prisoners of War and Missing In Action" by Chief Master Sergeant Chalma Lee Sexton, Jr. with a foreword by Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (Retired) Paul Wesley Airey (1st, 15 September 1995, softback, inscribed by both Chiefs.

- "United States Relations With China" based on the files of the Department of State
(1st, 1949)

- "Up Sun!" by Max Chennault (1st?, no stated date, but probably 1990, softcover)
4-21-98: Talked with Max Chennault this date. The book "Up Sun!", which is attributed to Max, wasnít gathered together by Max. The compilers were Wallace Little and Charles Goodman. Goodman took Little, Chennault and the others for a ride. None of them were paid for their efforts. Wallace Little was a member of the 14th Air Force in China. Max doesnít like Goodman at all.

- "Voices of My Peers Clipper Memories" by Eugene J. Dunning (1st, 1996, softcover, inscribed)

- "Vision A Saga of the Sky" by Harold Mansfield (1st, 1956, dj)

- Wake Up, America My Four Years in Hell by Paul A. Mostowski (1st, 1998, dj, inscribed)

- "Water Flying" by Franklin T. "Hank" Kurt (1904-1987)(1974, dj)

- "Way of a Fighter Memoirs of Claire Lee Chennault" (1890-1958)
Edited by Robert Hotz (I have two copies; a 1st, 1949, dj, signed by Chennault and inscribed by Hotz, AND a reprint 1991, dj)
(Emil page 74)

- "WE" by Charles A. Lindbergh (Twelfth impression, August 1927, dj)

- "We Chinese Women Speeches and Writing During the First United Nations Year
(February 12, 1942 - November 16, 1942)" by Mme. CHIANG KAI-SHEK (a John Day Book, dj)

- We Flee from Hong Kong by Alice Lan and Betty Hu (1944, inscribed by both authors)

- We Flew Without Guns by Flight Capt. J. Gen Genovese (1st, 1945, dj, inscribed)

- "We Thought We Heard The Angels Sing" by Lieutenant James C. Whittaker (1943)

- "Wedemeyer Reports!" by Albert C. Wedemeyer (4th printing, 1958, dj, inscribed)

- "West China and the Burma Road" by H. Daniel Friberg (1st(?), 1941, softback)

- "Westward to Chungking" by Helena Kuo (19??-1999) (1st(?), 1944, dj)

- "When Tigers Fight The Story of the Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945" by Dick Wilson (1st, 1982, dj)

- While China Bleeds by Duncan McRoberts (3rd, 1943, dj, signed)

- "Whistled Like A Bird The Untold Story of Dorothy Putnam, George Putnam, and Amelia Earhart"
by Sally Putnam Chapman with Stephanie Mansfield (1st, 1997, dj, inscribed)

- "Why Is Your Country at War and What Happens to You after the War and Related Subjects" by Charles A. Lindbergh (Father of the Spirit of St. Louis pilot Charles A. Lindbergh) (1st, 1917)

- "With the Tigers Over China 1941-1942" by Jerome Klinkowitz (1st, 1999, dj, inscribed)

- The Winged Gospel by Joseph J. Corn (1st, 1983, dj, inscribed)

- "Winged Highway" by William Grooch (1938, 1st, inscribed)
I have another copy of this book which I believe to be signed by the author to his Mother and someone named Eva (I think Eva was his sister). Can anybody identiy Eva for me?
For some additional information on the death of William Grooch, click here.

- Wings for an Embattled China by W. Langhorne Bond Edited by James E. Ellis (1st, 2001, dj, inscribed by James Ellis and Clarice Neumann, also inscribed by W. Langhorne Bond's son, Langhorne Bond)

- "Wings of World War II" by Russell J. Huff (1st, 1985, dj, signed)

- "WINGS OVER ASIA MEMORIES OF C.N.A.C. Volume I, II, III, IV and V" (booklets) published by The China National Aviation Association Foundation (I have an original Vol I, given to me by Mrs. William D. (Edna) Pawley and Vol V, given to me by Moon Chen of Chevy Chase, MD. -- I also have an original Vol II)
(Vol V is inscribed by Dick Rossi.)
(Emil - Vol II pages 43, 45 & 46, Vol IV picture on page 8)

- Wings Over Wake by Dorothy Kaucher (1st, 1947, inscribed by the publisher, John Howell)

- "Wings Over The World" edited by Leo Margulies (1942, dj)

- "Wings Over The World" by Cary Hoge Mead (1st, 1971, dj, inscribed)

- "Wings to the Orient A Pictorial History (Eighth Printing: April 1996, softcover, inscribed)

- "Within The Walls Of Nanking" by Alice Tisdale Hobart (1st, 1928, dj)

- "The Wisdon of China and India" by Lin Yutang (1st, 1942, dj, signed)

- "Wrath In Burma" by Fred Eldridge (1st, 1946, dj)

- "Yun-nan, South of the Clouds My Life in Southwest China From 1939-1951"
by Gladys Muir (1st, 1989, softback, inscribed)

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