WILLIAM L. BARCLAY (1917 - 2006)
(Instrument Repair)
(CNAC 1943 - 1946)

In the 1943-45 log book of Don McBride, Bill listed his home address as:

William L. Barclay
3811 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington Virginia

June 8, 2005

This gentleman is my father who was born on Aug 22, 1917 and is still alive. He unfortunately has a deteriorating neurological disease and I can not get any further communication from him. Until I am able to visit my parents home in Calif, I can then gather more information. I actually was hoping to find some information on his history with Pan Am. I understand he joined up with Pan Am, went to North Africa, then went to India and China and flying cargo over the Hump. Where else could I find more information on his history in the far east and with CNAC?

Carolyn Allison
E-mail carolyn.b.allison@gmail.com

January 15, 2006

Tom: have just returned from visiting my parents and was only able to dig up my Dad's resume.


William L. Barclay

1942 (7 months)
Pan American Airways-Africa Ltd.
New York, NY

Instrument Instructor
Instruct US Army personnel in the overhaul, calibration and installation of electrical mechanical and pressure instruments. Optical navigation instruments and auto pilot systems.

1943-1946 (3 yr 6 mo)
China National Aviation Corp.
Calcutta, India

Supervisor of Aircraft Instrument Maintenance.
Established an instrument repair shop. Designed and built instrument test equipment. Hired and instructed twenty Chinese and three American personnel for specialized instrument and optical overhaul.

An engineering operations officer during "Hump" operations, directed cargo loading and determined fuel requirements for each flight, made out flight plans and radio procedures according to weather conditions and enemy action.

In charge of rescue and salvage operations.

Was assigned special mission to establish maintenance bases throughout Burma and China.

March 8, 2006

Tom: Dad's page looks great thanks for all your hard work. I do have sad news, Dad passed away on Friday Feb 17. As we go through his pictures and papers, anything petaining to CNAC I will get on to you. Will most likely need clarification from others on the pictures. Thanks again.


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