(Station Manager -- and it's possible that he was a pilot, too)
(CNAC 19?? - 194?)
(Hump Flights - XXX)

October 5, 2009

Alfred Wang Yao-Kwok (a.k.a. Y.K.) Wang was my grandfather and I believe he was part of CNAC, but my father doesn't have a lot of information about this since my grandfather passed in the early 70s. We know he worked with Gen Chennault and the Flyer Tigers closely, but not sure in what exact capacity (trying to find that out too). We also know he followed Chennault to (we think) CNAC and then (for sure) CAT afterwards.

We know he graduated from the Royal AF Academy around '28 (trying to find records online), had a plane crash with an Indian prince as copilot as he was doing a flight demonstration during graduation at the academy, and was quickly recruited by the Chinese govt to teach CAF pilots afterwards. He was an instructor of the 2nd graduating class of the CAF (still trying to find docs related to this too), and was the youngest pilot instructor in the school's history. CP Chang, a pilot of CNAC and CAT, has been able to verify that he remembers my grandfather in CAT and he recognized a few photos we had during that time. CP Chang's pilot lists don't have my grandfather. My father thinks my grandfather was "station mgr" for Kunming and then (for sure) Taiwan offices in CAT, since the load master and the chief flight attendant reported to him. The chief flight attendant couldn't hire w/o my grandfather's personal approval and review of new attendants. However, I still have yet to find any official records or even other photos to help me verify the info.

I have been pouring through photos online, since a direct web search of his name resulted in nothing. With the resolution on your webpage, I can't tell if any of the men on the poster are Chinese, but if there are, maybe one of them might be my grandfather. That is my hope anyway. If any of your material mention my grandfather's name, I would be grateful if you could let me know. I am not finding much online so far, but am still looking.

Thank you!
Maggie Wang

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