The permanent CNAC display in Dayton opened in 2004.
The museum curators are very interested in adding to the CNAC collection the following two items:

The "Chung" from one of CNAC's planes.
One pair of Mosquito Boots.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated in this effort.

P.S. Don't forget to check out in the barn...

left to right
Arnold Schilperoot, W.J. Maher, Gen. Metcalf, Gifford Bull, Carey Bowles and Christy Hanks
This original painting is "Over The Top Of The World" by Roy Grinnel
(Donated by CNAC doners)
This, and the following photo taken at the Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
May 20, 2004

left to right
Arnold Schilperoot, Carey Bowles, Gen. Metcalf, W.J. Maher, Christy Hanks, and Gifford Bull
These two originals by Roy Grinnel are "The Wreckage Never Found" and "No Place To Hide"
(These originals were donated by Christy Hanks. Roy painted these for Christy's book cover.)

Update -- August 2010

Pete Goutiere speaking

Moon Chin

Shirley Mosley, Peggy Maher, Carol Chinn and Craig Chinn

unknown and Margaret Soong

Arnold Schilperoot with his wife Maxine in the pink sweater and Bob McCaleb on the far right

Peggy, Valerie and Eve

Bill Maher explaining all things

Bill Maher on the far right

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