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Natalie worked in the Commissary Department at Kunming. The former Natalie Beloff married Einar "Micky" Mickelson Septmeber 20, 1943 in India. Micky was killed when his plane crashed February 20, 1944.

Natalie and Einar Mickelson
(Photo Courtesy of Otter Tail County Historical Society, Fergus Falls, MN)

Obituary and photo are courtesy of Robert Leslie

Robert, Natalia, and Julian Leslie Freeport, Maine c. 1980

January 6, 2009

Here are some assorted pictures of my mother, Natalia Leslie (formerly Natalia Mickelson).

All the best to you,


Mother and I (age 4 approx.) at our family store in Freeport, Maine.
Looking at a grist mill & water wheel model that was a fixture in the store.

Mother, Johnny Weissmuller, Maria Weissmuller, and me (Robert Leslie).
Taken c. 1972 at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Castro (Castro Convertibles) in Ocala, FL.

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