I have been thinking about the next generation to carry the torch for CNAC. Right now I don't know if the next or "Third Generation" has the interest to do this. I do know that the CNAC web site will go on for a very long time. I have also noted as I post the CNAC Monthly Bulletin's that there is so much history in these older volumes, but then I realized that we, the "Second Generation" are creating history by continuing to publish the Cannon Ball, having the CNAC reunions and the trips to China. If you are among the Third Generation reading this and have the interest in carrying the CNAC torch, please let us know.

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Except for this bulletin the others have been provided by Nancy Allison Wright.
CNAC Monthly Bulletin
September 1948 (11 MB)

CNAC Monthly Bulletin
August 1948 (21 MB)

CNAC Monthly Bulletin
July 1948 (18 MB)

CNAC Monthly Bulletin
June 1948 (21 MB)

CNAC Monthly Bulletin
May 1948 (21 MB)

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