HYLAND LYON (1908 - 1973)

(CNAC abt 1934 - abt 1935)

Hyland “Bud” Lyon (1908-1973) of Burbank, Calif. arrived in Shanghai in 1934 and landed a job as an airplane mechanic. Less than a year after his arrival, Lyon became the mechanic and co-pilot for Zhang Xueliang [Chang Hsueh-liang] known as the “Young Marshal,” and one of Chiang Kai-shek’s most trusted generals. In the immediate aftermath of the Xi’an Incident, Zhang asked Lyon to act as bodyguard to his wife, Edith Chao, and young son, Bobby. Lyon remained with the family for the next five years. He left China in 1941, returning to Los Angeles with six steamer trunks of memorabilia, in addition to a small lockbox of documents.

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