ANSON LISK, JR. (1918 - 2014)
(CNAC 1944 - 1945)
(Hump Flights - 96)

Anson Lisk, Jr.
(Photo Courtesy of Anson's son, John D. Lisk)

Pete Billon said, "Capt. Lisk returned to the farm in Ciudad Obregon. In 1950 we spent several days with him. He had room for a small plane, and we flew around awhile during our stay. I have lost track of him. We came home on the General Greeley to N.Y. together. He taught me how to play bridge. He was (is) a real great guy."

Your CNAC Web Editor, Tom Moore, would like to thank Anson for the following letter:

Kitty passed away October 13, 2004

C-47 Watercolor by Anson Lisk

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